Dining Room Table Switcheroo

As promised, I wanted to reveal what one of last week’s Where-Are-They-Now “Thrift Store SCORE!”s is up to. I couldn’t spill the beans then because it involved anther “Before and After” that wasn’t quite ready yet…But we are now happy to let you guys in on one of our recent kitchen updates!

Before I started the move into the townhouse, John was using a dining room table that his parents lent to him. If I’m telling the story correctly, it was the table that John’s parents bought when they first moved in together – So it has some sentimental value!

So why on earth would we part with it? (Don’t worry, we didn’t get RID of it – just gave it back to his parents) Well first of all, it doesn’t really fit our taste…And secondly, I bought a very expensive dining room table a couple of years ago that I knew I didn’t want to chuck.

You’ve seen the original table in a couple of previous posts/reveals. Like the plate wall and our new drum shade chandelier:

It’s actually a GREAT table – Some of you may think I’m nuts for replacing it…If we found a new set of chairs (one of them is broken…) and maybe worked on refinishing it, it could have fit right in – But like I said, my expensive new table made the decision for us…

You’ve actually already seen the new table too! It was featured in the post touring my old apartment:

But here’s the final reveal of it in place at the house (adorned with last week’s “Thrift Store SCORE!” Where-Are-They-Now candle sticks):

I fell in love with the unique, spider-like legs when I saw it in the furniture shop – Aren’t they neat?! The deep brown almost black espresso stain is also so beautiful…The chairs actually came from Target, but their dark finish matched my table so well that you’d almost think it was a set!

And the newly painted candle sticks seem to fit right in! Like the table, they are a nod to traditional style with a bit of a modern flair.

You can see the beautiful grain of the hardwood table top in the glare above – Love that…

I still think this half of the kitchen needs a little something extra to make it feel homey – It seems a little empty:

Maybe a shelving unit on the right? Some more art? More plates? What do you guys think? I welcome suggestions and advice. I’d LOVE to put a rug down, but the kitchen is where the dog lives when we aren’t home and we don’t want any accidents to happen. He tends to target absorbent areas of the house on the rare occasion that he can’t hold it any longer…I’ve thought about getting a vinyl flooring remnant, painting it a solid color, and then stenciling a pattern on top to create a non-absorbent rug for the dining area. But I’m not sure if flooring stores would even sell remnants like that…We’ll see!

Let us know what you think in the comments!!


8 thoughts on “Dining Room Table Switcheroo

  1. Ainhoa

    Your dining room is awesome! The shape AND the stain – that stain is one of my favorites! You know, almost black but you can see the wood grain. Love it!

  2. Elizabeth

    Love it Carrie, great job! The table and chairs definitely make the space very modern and chic. Would it work if you painted a pattern on a large canvas and used it instead of a rug. It might not be a permanent solution, but it would add a big and inexpensive punch until your pup ruined it 🙂

    1. Carrie Post author

      Great idea!!! I wonder if they have any super heavy canvases out there…I will definitely look into it. Thanks for the tip and glad you like the new set up =)

  3. Elise

    1) I could see plants, like tall corn plants, sitting in either corner. Or maybe a cute little spice garden! The room just feels like it needs something living to me.
    2) I’m not sure how I originally found your blog, – stumbleupon or craftgawker, probably – but I am a major fan of thrifting, live not too far from you guys in Blacksburg, and have recently started thriving on HGTV. So after reading all the entries backwards and watching your house unfold piece by piece, I’ve been completely inspired. Usually I get really discouraged because I want my room (I’m home from college for the summer.) to look perfect immediately (that HGTV influence), but I’ve gained some major perspective from your blog! I’m going out tomorrow to look for a piece I absolutely love so I can stop complaining and start making an impact one special find at a time. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Carrie Post author

      I totally agree with you on the plant thing…The only problem is that our dog takes up residence in the kitchen when we aren’t home and I worry that he might “mark it” – EEP! But maybe I could get a plant stand and keep it up high…

      We are SO glad that you found us!! And how neat that you live so close in Blacksburg! My sister graduated from VA Tech last year, so our family is very familiar with that area. I hope that you continue to gain inspiration from our blog and feel free to shoot me an email (DreamGreenDIY@gmail.com) if you ever have questions or would like to share some of your finds =)


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