Feeling a little worn down…

So I know that on Monday I promised a Wednesday post about the move, but I’ll be completely honest with you…I just don’t feel like it…

Let’s just say that I’d give pretty much anything to be in this cat’s position right now:

I’m so wiped out from the move this weekend – It took ALL of my energy and made me a little anti-home-project for a while. Not for LONG, mind you, because I couldn’t survive without my home redo fix. But I’m taking a small break to settle in and get used to the new place.

Not only that, but I feel like my life has been turned a little upside down ever since John and I got engaged. There are SO MANY THING TO DO to prepare for a wedding – It wouldn’t be so bad if I weren’t an extreme Type-A who just can’t let things happen as they will. I’ve already bought my dress, reserved and paid for the venue, lined up my baker for the cupcakes, begun work on a contract with our photographer, and have started to work with John on his outfit. And yes, it’s only been about three and half weeks since we got engaged.

To top all of that off, I am taking a BIG leap of faith with my job situation. I have made the difficult decision to leave my comfy HR job for a bit of a riskier career in the newspaper business. I start my new job as Copy Editor/Page Designer in a little over a week.

All of these things are GREAT positive changes, but “changes” they still are…It’s tough to adjust simultaneously to three pretty monumental shifts in my life so I’m trying not to over do.

Venting aside (Yes, I’d like some cheese with my “whine”!), I just couldn’t muster the strength to photograph all of our hard work at the house. If you’ve ever moved, I’m sure you can understand that sometimes you’re just “OVER IT!” and I definitely reached that threshold last night…

But thankfully on a positive note, it’s DONE and we can focus on other things. Hopefully I will be in a much brighter, more chipper mood as the weekend draws nearer 🙂

You didn’t think I was just going to leave you with that did you?! I’m not so jaded by my stress and exhaustion to not give you SOMETHING pretty to look at today.

I thought, with 4th of July weekend just around the corner (and our guest blog post over the weekend here – And ANOTHER extra cool feature on 7th House on the Left over here!!!) it would be nice to show you guys some behind-the-scenes of our Independence Day decorating.

If you haven’t gone over to check out our features, here is a photo of the final spread:

The fastest DIY decoration we did was on the popcorn jar – It was literally a five-minute project involving three supplies:

  1. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  2. Two spools of red-white-and-blue ribbon
  3. A clear jar

The first step was to unwrap the ribbon and curl it around the outside of the jar. I just measured it with my fingers to make sure I cut a long enough piece to make it around the jar.

Once I had the first ribbon cut to length, I laid it on the counter and cut the second ribbon to match.

Next, I flipped each piece of ribbon over and put a couple lines of hot glue on the back to secure it to the glass jar.

Here’s the jar all ready for its close up at our 4th of July bash!

You can easily hide the cut edges on the end by folding the ribbon and tucking that under – Gotta love a seamless edge! Almost any jar will do, but we went with one that had an air-tight seal so that we could store food in it on a daily basis around the holiday.

For our party, we filled the jar with John’s all-time favorite after-dinner snack: Popcorn!

It’s certainly not a rocket-science project, but it’s cute, it’s fresh and it can be used again and again for our yearly Independence Day celebrations.

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes tutorials from our NoBiggie guest post soon!

(Photo credit for cat sleeping on dog: here)


2 thoughts on “Feeling a little worn down…

  1. Ainhoa

    I think it’s important to take breaks from all the house tweaking once in a while (especially during the summer, which is always so busy!). And congrats in the job change, so exciting. Also, it looks like you have all the wedding things under control, you’ve done so much in so little time – you have your dress already, I’m impressed!

    I loved the guest post the other day. The jar looks festive. Do you “unglue” the ribbons during the rest of the year, or do you keep it as-is?

    1. Carrie Post author

      I think I am definitely starting to learn that it’s important to take a breather every now and then…Thanks for the kind words!

      You probably COULD unglue the ribbon, but I think I’ll leave this one as-is and just use it for 4th of July festivities each year…But good point!


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