Updating the bathroom light fixture

Okay, I’m just going to jump right in to today post because I’m anxious to get everyone’s thoughts…

So reason #3,508,237 why I love Pinterest is that you can get a little inside scoop on what other bloggers are getting ready to do. I especially love keeping up with Elizabeth of The Mustard Ceiling because she tends to pin photos before her “Bam or Slam” feature (love that, btw…you should check it out and weigh in on the decision). Well if you happen to follow me on Pinterest, then you may have noticed a few added photos of bathrooms – This is because we are gearing up to overhaul our master bathroom.

The plan is to change the paint color, possibly add a chair railing (or something that LOOKS like a chair railing) and add some new art/accessories. Here’s the bathroom in it’s current state – Not terrible, but could use a little love and a lotta bit of personality:

Another big thing to update is the lighting. It’s hard to tell in the photo above, but the two glass and chrome fixtures are a little traditional for our tastes…I’ve been scouring the internet for good deals on replacement light fixtures, but haven’t really found anything that it’s in our price range (which, as always, is cheap and/or cheaper). Then I had a sort of revelation during a recent weekend trip to Lowe’s with John. Instead of picking out an entire new fixture, we could try just replacing the globes! Although I’d prefer a fixture with straight lines throughout, our current ones are in good shape and could be given a new life with updated globes. Here are the options I brought home to try out:

We’ve got:

  1. a frosted globe with linen-like dashes in it (can’t see it in the photo, but I promise they’re there) -$10
  2. a clear glass globe with a modern-yet-sort-of-vintage grid pattern etched into the surface – $8
  3. another frosted globe that’s a bit smaller and straighter then the first -$7
  4. and another clear glass globe with bubbles in the glass. -$7

Here are the original lights again – You can see the globes a bit better in these photos:

To try the new ones, I took the lightbulbs out and then unscrewed the hardware holding the old glass in place.

The old globes sitting next to the new ones on the counter really show just how dingy they’ve gotten over the years. We are definitely going to give them a good wipe down before donating them to our local ReStore (unless we have any locals who need a set of traditional light fixture glass!).

Here are the new ones in place and ready for our scrutiny!!! Three of the new ones on the fixture to the right and the big frosted globe made it in amongst the old globes to the left:

Here are a couple of close ups of the one on the left (try to ignore the old globes flanking the new one in the center…):

And then the other set:

I also took a couple of shots with the lights off since I know they are sort of hard to see.

So far, John and I are both leaning towards the grooved globe – It’s got that vintage vibe we like without getting into traditional. My second favorite is the other clear glass one with the bubbles in it, but that was John’s least favorite so it’s a no-go. The small frosted one is a bit too small and it’s not as contemporary as I’d like, and the big frosted globe is a little TOO big. So this one below is the front-runner:

Ideally, I’d like to find globes that really aren’t globes as all – Something with straight straight straight lines with no curves at all. Like the ones on this light fixture (which is well out of our price range at $98 each – we need two):

Oh well…I think I’m going to try Home Depot in the hopes that they have a more contemporary selection of globes before I pick up the grooved ones from Lowe’s. At about $60 for 6 of the globes, we’d be saving a lot of money since most of the fixtures I’ve seen are about that much for one – But I’m still not sold yet…

What are your thoughts??

(Photo credit for dream fixture: here)


10 thoughts on “Updating the bathroom light fixture

  1. mybrightlifeife

    Really like the linen look but that seems to be your least favourite. I think you should keep looking though….there must be something out there in ‘shoppers paradise’ ie: the US of A, closer to what you are actually looking for and within your price range. Happy hunting.

    1. Carrie Post author

      Thanks for the encouragement!! I like the linen one too, it’s just a bit bulbous…Hoping to find the same finish on a can-shaped globe soon =)

  2. womaninthemid

    The one you picked out was the exact one I thought looked the best. So obviously, I think you have fantastic taste! I like the vintage feel, and I think they disfuse the light enough (without being frosted) to be pleasant and not harsh in your bathroom.

  3. Tin Roof Press

    I was just thinking that you should mix and match the old with the new.
    Its kind of funky with the different ones.

    But otherwise I agree – grooved.
    The frosted kind of remind me of the 70’s – thats a style no no for me unless its all 70’s

  4. katpolkadot

    I got a light fixture just like the one you have pictured (your dream one) very similar at Lowes for $64 by Portfolio. I’m installing new fixtures in each of my bathrooms too. I like the idea of just replacing the glass, is cheaper! But also, it’s a pretty good investment itself, which could go a long way towards what you really want. I would wait until you can get what you really want and save your money until then, unless you know for sure you want to do an update for the least amount of $ and wouldn’t be re-doing the lights in a couple of years anyway!

    1. Carrie Post author

      I think you are absolutely right…John and I went to Home Depot and we didn’t see “the one” there either – I think I’m just going to return the globes and wait until we find the perfect one. No sense wasting money on a temporary fix that I’m not 100% pleased with…Thanks for your input and pretty much telling me exactly what I needed to hear =)


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