A Maternity Photo Shoot

Happy Black Friday to everyone!!! Or, as I like to call it, happy Christmas Day!! For those of you not familiar, that’s Christmas Day with the emphasis on “Christmas” not to be confused with Christmas Day. If you’re still confused, I don’t blame you =) Instead of deeming this day “Black Friday” my sister and I celebrate “Christmas Day” as the first official day of Christmas celebration. Today’s the day that we put up our tree, gorge ourselves on Christmas cookies and blast Christmas vinyls on John’s record player. It’s going to be A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

But to occupy you as we busy around like Christmas elves at home today, I wanted to share the sweet maternity shoot that I was so honored to be a part of for my friend, Bonnie. When our other good friend, Savannah, got engaged a couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of taking their engagement photos – We had a BLAST playing around their house and dressing up. Fast forward to this year when Bonnie mentioned wanting some maternity photos…Savannah sweetly recommended my services and I was MORE than willing and happy to oblige!

So Bonnie, her husband, Todd, and I all drove down to a local elementary school play ground to soak up the sun and show off their baby bump. Enjoy their evident love for each other and their excitement over their soon-to-be-born son!

Had SO much fun playing around on the playground with you guys and canNOT wait to meet your little Bubba =)


2 thoughts on “A Maternity Photo Shoot

  1. maggsworld

    I have just smiled my way through this photographic series journalling love, and hope and joy…… but mostly love. What a wonderful comforting place for a child to be born into. Thank you for sharing this.


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