Bathroom appliance storage

Ahh, the forever-issue women contend with when it comes to beauty products and appliances (i.e. hairdryers, straighteners, etc.) – Maybe I can’t speak for all women, but I know that I have quite a bit of trouble keeping everything in good working order. Add my obsessive compulsion for organization on top of my debilitating tendencies to worry and we’ve got a fairly large issue on our hands. You see, I am always a bit hesitant to put my still-hot straightener and hairdryer away thinking they will start a fire. Yes…I know that’s a long shot, but I have been known to turn the car around on my way to work to make sure I set the hair dryer just so and away from anything flammable.

For the longest time, I had just been setting my hair appliances on the bathroom counter as it was not going to catch fire – While this helps me avoid anxiety, it doesn’t really look good. You may remember my ultimate solution for this conundrum:

I had a light bulb moment and decided to hang a metal (read “not flammable”) desktop file box on the wall to store my cooling hairdryer and straightener. It worked GREAT and I lived with it for about four months until I finally fessed up to myself what I had been thinking ever since I hung the thing: It really looked like a hanging file basket screwed into the wall.


So I finally took it down during my recent master bathroom overhaul and replaced it with a pretty framed piece of art – Soooooo much better:

But where did my box of hair tools go? Well, it ended up on the floor over by the toilet (sorry for the bird’s-eye-view into our bathroom trash can – Unfortunately, you’re going to see that a lot in this post…)

I still think that the file box is the perfect solution to hold the appliances because, again, it’s not flammable and it keeps things within easy reach. So I decided to compromise in the “looks” department by hanging it in a less conspicuous location. After living with it on the floor by at the end of the vanity for a couple of weeks, I realized that was a decent spot – Now to figure out how to hang it instead of leaving it looking sad and lonely on the bathroom floor…

Enter these guys:

I picked up a package of 3M Command hooks, figuring I could slip the metal loop through the criss-cross caging on my file box. Unfortunately once I got down to business on this project, I found out that the hooks were a bit too large…

Nothing a pair of wire cutters couldn’t fix! I simply sniped a few of the wires and made a larger hole for the hooks to slip through.

Next, I measured the distance between the two holes and put pencil marks on the side of the vanity. Using those marks, I exposed the 3M tape on the back of the hooks and got those suckers good and stuck to the surface. The last step was to slip the file box in place over the hooks and fill ‘er up.

After getting used to the new set up (I did this project pre-kitchen-overhaul), I now know I should have done it from the beginning. It’s out-of-the-way so the room is still stylish, but convenient enough for me to grab what I need in the morning. From the doorway, you can’t even tell that it’s there.

How do you guy store your hair appliances? I know there are so many other (more creative) ideas out there and I’d love to hear about it! Does anyone else have bad OCD like me? I’m such a worry wart…

Have a great day!


55 thoughts on “Bathroom appliance storage

  1. Gwen

    Great idea…I hate dragging mine out from under the sink! This is handy but still concealed! You could spray paint the basket if you didn’t like the color but I like the silver!

  2. mybrightlife

    Here in South Africa we have a strong tradition of wire and bead craft – ornaments and baskets are woven out of strong but thin wire mixed with beads. (I must blog about it sometime), but anyway I have a lovely wire basket that I store loo paper in, but realise now from your post how perfect it would be for the hairdryer and its companions! Thanks.

  3. Jessalyn

    ahh much better 🙂
    i don’t consider myself OCD, but i did find it annoying when baskets and organizers of stuff inside the bathroom drawers slide all around if the drawer was closed too fast. solution: velcroed the basket to the bottom of the drawer. no more slippery baskets and cramming my hand into the back of the drawer to retrieve them.

    1. Carrie Post author

      AWESOME!!! Such a good thought!! We have problems with that in the kitchen and I am totally going to use your tip – Thanks for passing along!

      1. Linda Ferra

        There are rubber mats that you can buy to put under your throw rug in the kitchen to keep it from slipping. They come in several colors and look like rubberized netting. I cut a piece to fit in the bottom of my drawers and no more slipping. It even works on items in the drawer not in a basket both in the bathroom and the kitchen, ie.. hair brushes, make up, cooking utensils, ect… You just lift them out when it is time to clean the drawer and I throw mine in the top rack of the dishwasher.

    2. barbara russic

      Take the basket and run a line of hotglue down the bottom. Let dry. The basket wont slip again in the drawer. Use silacone on the bottom of rugs to create a non slip rug.

  4. megaubrey01Megan

    Love the update! I have something similar that was less ingenius as Bed Bath and Beyond thought it up for me. They are pretty much made of the same material but they are mesh wire sliding drawers that stack and you can put under the sink. I love the idea of it being on the side though – whether it be for hair dryers or magazines (which we always are trying ways to organize)!

  5. sarah

    We have no storage in our bathroom so we went to bed, bath, and beyond and got a metal shelf unit that fits perfectly between our sink and toilet. I have all my products there instead of taking over the entire sink.

  6. Kaden

    Am trying to redo my bathroom and just love this idea. Though still not sure where to put the basket. But very creative. Thank you for the suggestion.

  7. pam

    I love this idea. We have the tiniest bathroom ever!! I have an over the door shoe hangar and store make up, combs and brushes, curling iron, flat iron, and hang my dryer of one of the hooks at the top.

  8. Hollie

    You could do the same thing and hang the basket on the inside of the cabinet door under the sink, which would hide it completely. Maybe?

    1. Carrie Post author

      Yeah, definitely! I think that’s a fabulous solution…We just don’t have enough room inside our cabinets to do it. Guess that calls for more purging and organization!! =)

  9. Pauline

    Wish the outlet was close enough to the basket to allow the appliances to remain plugged in. That would be very convenient!

    1. Donna

      The other problem with that is the “vampire” power usage. Leaving even small appliances plugged in costs you money! See your phone charger that isn’t charging a phone? You know, the one with the tiny light on it – it’s pulling power for no good reason!

  10. Lew

    I love your idea!! Here is another solution I saw on pinterest. They put PVC pipe on the inside of the cabinet! I thought this was a great idea as well! Check it out–you have to scroll down a little ways but then you will see it!

  11. headuh

    I also have the fear of a hot straightner catching something on fire after I leave the house for the day (I also have turned the car around to check…). I found my solution is to leave my still hot straightner on the stove until it cools and then return it to the cabinet. Its not pretty but eases my fears.


    1. Carrie Post author

      ANYTHING to allay fears of a burning house is brilliant and necessary in my book. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one to be over-anxious about straightener heat…Thanks for sharing your tip!

  12. Jennifer I

    Great idea! Question for you — I want to put a toilet paper in the same spot, but do not want to drill or screw into the vanity. How is your’s hanging? I have one that is a suction, but it does not stay.

    1. Carrie Post author

      Hmmm…I’m not sure how to do it without screwing into the vanity – That’s how ours is attached. Is it something that you could do with heavy-duty 3M tape? That’s ALWAYS my go-to solution when I need to hang something but don’t want to use nails or screws. Good luck!!!

  13. Janice

    Love it~ Have the same files…they could also be your bathroom trash can…would make it linear with it being just below the one on the wall…

  14. Amy

    I have been needing to do something with my hair appliances for quite some time now! Love your suggestion! Going to take care of that today so my husband will get off my back:)

  15. Karen

    Wow, so glad I found you! All of these ladies have great ideas. I only wish you could all see my Mom’s bathroom organization. She has an old ornate Chamber pot at the end of the cabinet, close to toilet for magazines. Old colored and unusual vases hold the combs and brushes. She likes small unusual shaped glass jars for qutips and cotton balls. She has a lot of necklaces, so she stung chain link like for a swag lamp, across the inside of the linen closet door by using cup hooks to hold it, and hung her necklaces from between the links. I could keep going, but simply she is like an organization Queen and it all is decorative and useful at the same time. As far as the blow dryer and curling iron. It always hung on a cup hook on the wall, behind the bathroom door. I will have to show her your idea!

  16. JJ

    Genius! I just did this with a wire mesh magazine holder from IKEA. I’ve been dying to get my curling & flat iron off my tiny countertop. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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