Pinspiration Monday: Vintage bar cart

I am so over-the-moon excited about sharing today’s find with you all…

So remember last Friday when I admitted that I was on the hunt for a brass and glass vintage bar cart to add to our midcentury styled living room? Well at my mom’s birthday dinner later that day, she happened to mention that there was just such a cart at a local consignment shop in town. Bonus? It was under $50!

The next day, after a really fun tour of downtown Lynchburg lofts (I wish I had brought my camera to share all of the amazing spaces we saw), John and I made a bee-line for that very consignment shop. I tried so hard not to race through the shop only to be disappointed that the cart was gone – So I meandered as I would any other day, but my eyes did a whole lot of extra darting, searching for a hint of shimmering brass.

About halfway through the store, I saw it out of the corner of my eye. No longer caring about restraint, I practically jogged over to the cart. Amazingly, it was my absolute DREAM piece of furniture. Although the beauties pictured below from Pinterest were my inspiration images, I still  don’t think I could have possibly crafted a better version of it in my head.

Source: Cottage & Vine

Source: Reasons to Breathe

We quickly carted our new bar cart home.

I love the brass finish and the glass shelves are in perfect condition. I was happily surprised to find a cart with not one, not two, but THREE shelves for storage and display. The side bars on either side of the top shelf have this really interesting slope to them and a thin partition is created by an extra bar towards the back. John and I have dreams of bottled Coca Cola  lining the back of the top shelf someday soon…

The other criteria I had in my head other than the finishes, was a faux bamboo texture on the bars. Again, my prayers were answered with our newly purchased cart because it exactly matches another brass bamboo piece living in the space – My thrifted magazine holder! They look like a matching set.

So where did we put it? Right by the front door underneath yet another thrifted piece – The Toulouse-Lautrec print.

Here’s the spot “Before”:

And “After”:

Time to style it up! I gathered a bunch of things from around the house that I thought would bring the cart a little texture and color – Things like two glass decanters (borrowed from my sister who is waiting on a “real home,” as opposed to her current apartment, before she uses them), a glass cocktail shaker, a bottle of wine, a decorative kitchen towel, some vintage champagne glasses, a vase of silk peonies, two trays, a stack of art magazines and a silver jewelry box.

The large brown tray was actually a gift from my bridal shower – It has four photos from our engagement shoot behind the glass. Love!


Here’s that silver jewelry box I mentioned – It was a Christmas gift from John’s parents and is monogrammed with my initials, which thankfully won’t change after the wedding since our last names both start with “W.” I thought the silver was a beautiful neutral against the brass and a happy surprise was that my collection of plastic cocktail swizzle sticks (another sweet gift from my bridal shower) fit perfectly inside the box.

I am just so pleased that I was able to turn my dreams into a reality with this piece. I never thought I’d find it so quickly and for such a great price. All thanks to my mom for pointing me in the right direction…


P.S. I am so pumped to see DreamGreenDIY on the list for Apartment Therapy’s “Homies 2012”!!! Please vote here for us if you think our blog is worthy of the nom. (We are towards the bottom of the list, or hit “control F” and type in “DreamGreenDIY”)


10 thoughts on “Pinspiration Monday: Vintage bar cart

  1. Spade

    I am so glad you found your tray! I procastinated buying mine for some time. It was a 2-layered circular metal one. I wanted it in black, but they only had white. The only other option was to travel far and lug back the black one, which I didn’t one, so I ended up with the white one. I clustered it with a lot of things, bottom layer with my tea set, top layer with my two bottles of marimo (moss – they live in the two bottles, a pair in each bottles), a large knight candle, a jar with fake roses, a jester christmas musical box, a tea cup and saucer (idea taken from you when you mentioned you keep one in your bathroom) for drinking. The tray is beside my table, so I can have access to water easily.

    1. Carrie Post author

      Thanks! Yeah, I am so excited…And yours sounds beautiful!! Could you spray paint it the color you want?? Either way, your styling sounds great =) Glad you were able to use the teacup idea!

      1. Spade

        Well, I am getting used to this dude sitting beside me all the time, so I figured if I really get tired of that white, I will go do something.
        About the tea cup, thanks for sharing!

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