My top 20 most inspiring spaces

Whether we mean to or not, our homes are influenced by something. Could be taken from a favorite television show or maybe the magazines you flip through, but it’s inevitable that bits and pieces of visual fluff will infiltrate your psyche and affect the way you structure your home. This isn’t rocket science and I know I’ve talked about it upteen times, both here on DreamGreenDIY and in my guest posting for Breathe Magazine. Yet, even though this information is nothing new to you, I think it’s a good exercise to look back on the most recent influences if, for no other reason, to see how tastes and tendencies have changed.

In honor of the eye candy I’ve saved up over the past year as an obsessed a faithful member of Pinterest, I am sharing with you all today my top 20 inspiring spaces. In no particular order, I invite you to feast your eyes on the looks, rooms and interiors that get my heart pumping and my planning mind working in overtime. I’d love to hear your take on my style and how you might characterize it (ala Emily Henderson – “Tuscan Modern,” “Southern Romance Meets Scottish Country Charm,” “Modern Urban Beach,” etc.).

Prepare to drool.

Source: decor8

Source: Mint

Source: Breakfast at Toast

Source: Kireei

Source:  Glitter Guide

Source: we ❤ it

Source: BHG

Source: Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

Source: Design Sponge

Source: HGTV

Source: M Street

Source: Yellow Brick Home

Source: The Marion House Book

Source: Style by Emily Henderson

Source: The Borrowed Abode


Source: Decorology

Source: Flickr

Source: The Inspired Room


Source: Unknown


Source: Style by Emily Henderson

If I were to give myself a style diagnostic based on those images, I think I’d call my style “Mid-century Eclectic.” What do you think?

For more on spaces that inspire me, click here for my full “Inspirational Spaces/Colors” board on Pinterest.  And feel free to share links to your own inspirational spaces (your own or someone elses) in the comments section. Let’s share our room daydreams…


10 thoughts on “My top 20 most inspiring spaces

  1. Stacey@aGh

    What a lovely group of photos. Inspiration INDEED! Loved looking at these. I have that exact orange Knoll parallel bar sofa in the “The Borrowed Abode” picture. (except mine is red) How pretty it looks with that cool hanging system for artwork. Awesome idea. Wow, some people have the most amazing homes, don’t they. (yours included!) Thanks for sharing.

  2. cravesadventure

    Loving these spaces – great post! I always seem to struggle when it comes to the Master Suite and at least it functions okay for sleeping – ha! Have a Great Day:)

    1. Carrie Post author

      Well thanks! Glad you liked it =) When it comes to your master suite, you can really do anything you want since it’s not a place that guests typically converge in. You’re the boss and anything goes!


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