Our wedding photos

They’re here! They’re here! I am so excited to share our wedding photos with you today…Although this is actually only a sampling of the hundreds we got back, these are my favorites. I couldn’t possibly thank our fabulous and incredibly talented photographer, Katie Stoops, enough for her work. She is a true artist. I will treasure these photos for the rest of my life…I’m working on a wedding scrapbook in my free time – I’ll be sure to share all of the details of that soon.

I hope you enjoy sharing in our day…

Have a great weekend!


20 thoughts on “Our wedding photos

  1. Ainhoa

    The pictures are wonderful! You both look great. I really like your hairdo.
    Oh and I’m totally jealous of your venue 🙂 was it a buffet reception?

    1. Carrie Post author

      I’m glad you like the pictures!! And thanks for the hair compliment – My stylist did a great job! The venue was a dream come true…And yes, we did a buffet. Worked out really well I think – I didn’t have a chance to eat much =)

      1. Ainhoa

        Buffet = awesome. Always. Anyway, I think you basically had my dream wedding. It’s COMPLETELY impossible to find something like this here *sigh*
        We’ve considered several catering options and restaurants (besides doing it ourselves) and they all look at us like we’re crazy when we ask them about buffet options. They don’t seem to understand that not everyone wants a 1h cocktail plus a seven course plated meal. So frustrating!!

      2. Carrie Post author

        Oh no!! I’m so sorry to hear that you’re having trouble finding your perfect caterer back at home…You are so creative though, I know you’ll figure something out!! COULD you do it yourselves??

      3. Ainhoa

        That’s the idea right now, self-catering 🙂 we just want to check out all our options (which apparently, are not that many). Hopefully everything will turn out okay!

    1. Carrie Post author

      Thanks!!! Our guests kept saying that the wedding reception looked and felt like “us” – Best compliment we could have received =)


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