One Word: Mint

In honor of our newly minted studio/guest room, today’s “One Word” feature is all about my favorite shade of blue (or is it green?). I know mint has been getting a bit of a trendy rap lately, but I think this color is actually pretty classic, here to stay.

I am DYING over that vintage mint rotary telephone (#4)…What’s your favorite?

(For full-size images, scroll past the sources)

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  3. Source
  4. Source
  5. Source
  6. Source
  7. Source
  8. Source
  9. Source
  10. Source
  11. Source
  12. Source

Have a great weekend!

P.S. In case you missed it yesterday, click over to for my latest blog post – I shared a quick tutorial on DIY clothespin pushpins, an adorable way to liven up a run-of-the-mill bulletin board. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “One Word: Mint

  1. le artiste boots

    Our first Christmas Eve, the landlord sent the painters to paint our entire ‘English’ basement apartment mint green. We loved it. Also hearing the men repeatedly saying “me cotch’m baby shoes!” followed by laughter.

    Life was simpler in 1952! Thanks for the memory.


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