Our new barstools

You’ll have to excuse me this morning…I’m still a little breathless from my Everygirl feature on Wednesday. What an incredible week! I hope my “Thank you”s aren’t beginning to sound redundant – I am SO appreciative of the outpouring of support from you guys and am thrilled to welcome some new readers. You guys truly are the best…

But anyway, on to new things!! I am SO excited to share our latest purchase with you…

I’ve been craving some new barstools for as long as I can remember – The existing pair that we had butting up to our kitchen island have been in my possession since my bachelorette days in my very first apartment. I loved them then, but they are pretty darn plain. Not to mention, way too high for our counter-height island.

Short of sawing off a couple of inches to make them the proper height, I decided to just live with it and play around with their look. I’ve been tempted by a couple of Pinterest images as of late to give them a mod face lift. See below:




If you can’t sense the (rather obvious) theme, I planned on doing some kind of minty teal paint treatment, adding color to the legs and leaving the seat a natural wood finish. That is…Until I found a fabulous replacement to dash these thoughts.

Everything changed about stumbling upon this post by Kirsten of Restored Style – In it, she chatted about finding budget versions of designer pieces, namely mid-century studio stools. At $250 a pop, they were WAY out of reach. But then she graciously linked over to an Overstock.com replica. Get this – They were only $89.99. For TWO!!!!!! I followed the link she provided and was met with an even better surprise (I know, how could this get any better?). The set of two counter-height bar stools was now marked down to only $67.49 (Unfortunately, it looks like the sale is over…But they are still listed for a cool $74.99 for two! Full details here).


I think it literally took me four minutes to enter my info and click “submit order.” I have been REALLY stingy with money lately, all but kicking my online shopping addiction to the curb (more on that next week), so I decided that I needed a little reward. Yeah, it may sound a little counter-productive to reward myself for not online shopping by online shopping, but did I mention that I’ve been REALLY good lately?

The other deciding factor was that all of the bar stool replacement contenders to date had been about $67 for only one chair. I figured the $35.22 price tag for each (including shipping) was a good budgeting job well done.

A week or so later and these beauties showed up at our door…

I adore the modern, industrial shape and how the silvery metal ties in with the new hardware on our redone kitchen cabinets. The holes in the center of the seat have also proven really “handy” (pun intended) when we need to scoot them out from the island.

The ONLY thing I wish was different was the finish – I love the color, but I was hoping that they’d look a little more aged, with an uneven patina. Oh well! Can’t have it all. Maybe they’ll rough up with use in a couple of years.

Oh, but to demonstrate the now-correct height, I snapped a couple shots of John playing around on his laptop. No more bent back and aching neck. Next up on the list for our island updates – A new butcher block counter top that will have a slight overhang to make this set up a real eat-in option. I’ll keep you posted.

He’s so cute…

Now if only I could bite the bullet and grab these dining room chairs to cap the whole dining/kitchen seating off…Soon enough, sooooooon enough. Christmas gift anyone?

Have a great weekend!


8 thoughts on “Our new barstools

  1. Ainhoa

    I’m in love with those types of chairs! They’re so expensive around here though. I’m glad you included a pic of John sitting down because at first I thought they were too low 🙂

    1. Carrie Post author

      Glad you like them! John thought they were too low too, but I think it’s just a visual adjustment after seeing the bar-height stools in place. They work perfectly!

  2. Staci

    Love them! Great taste! 😉 I have the taller versions at our breakfast counter (http://myfriendstaci.com/home-tour/), yep, also from Overstock.com. I’m a bit worried about the height though; I hope our next place has a higher counter than your average island. We shall see I guess! If not, I know where to buy a shorter set!

  3. Woman in the Middle

    We bought a new house two years ago that came with a bar. I REALLY wanted bar stools but they were so epensive! You hit the nail on the head when you said $250 each!!!! Hubby wet to a bar and pool table store near his work and scored two lovely barstools that were on clearance for $100! They are bamboo, have unpholstered seats and swivel. But, of course, the price was the best part. They look much nicer (and are much nicer) than the $100 we spent. Love a bargain!!!! So I really appreciate the bargin you got on your barstools as well!

  4. Lindsey

    I love them! I really want them lol! I can’t wait to read about your online shopping problem…..because I have a huge problem with it :-/. Those stools look so amazing!

    1. Carrie Post author

      Yay! I’m glad you like them!! You’re in luck – I just wrote up a giant post for next week, all about how I’m curbing my habits and saving money. Stay tuned!!


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