When life hands you lemons…Make lemon ice cubes!

Fun fact about yours truly – I don’t drink anything carbonated. Never have. Just don’t like the fizzy texture, which means that I don’t drink beer, soda or champagne. I have this MINUTE feeling of having missed out on something really fun in my lifetime by not indulging in carbonated beverages, but I’m fairly certain that my clear skin and moderate weight (at least during my college years) are all thanks to my exclusion of these carb-packed drinks.

Since I never really had a taste for carbonated, sugary drinks, I developed a monogamous relationship with water. It’s virtually the only thing I drink (aside from the occasional cocktail or margarita). To jazz up my H2O, I usually squeeze a little lemon juice over top – It’s the only flavor that I really love. I also ADORE the sweet, tart tang of lemon in cooking, but all that squeezing and chopping on a daily basis got a little old…

Then I had this idea (although I’m sure I’m not the first) to make it in bulk by freezing little lemony ice cubes.


  • Bag of lemons (I ended up using 4 lemons)
  • Juicer
  • Ice cube tray

I started by cutting my lemons in half and then I got my squeezing on. My sister gifted me this beautiful, pale green hand juicer – One of the few pieces of Le Creuset that I own.

Using a handheld strainer to separate the pulp, I slowly poured the freshly squeezed juice into the ice cube tray. I didn’t measure exactly, but I’d say that my 4 lemons yielded about a tablespoon’s worth in each ice cube compartment.

At the last minute, I went ahead and zested my lemons before discarding them, methodically grating the skins over a strip of wax paper. Once finished, I was left with a beautiful pile of yellow, fragrant goodness perfect for tossing into our next dinner recipe on a whim.

I simply folded up the wax paper and slipped it into the freezer along with my lemon ice cubes. It’s nice to know that I have my favorite flavor on hand any day of the month without having to race against fruit decomposition.

When life hands you lemons…


10 thoughts on “When life hands you lemons…Make lemon ice cubes!

  1. Woman in the Middle

    Out here in Southern California we often have lemon trees in our yard. We moved from a house with a lemon tree to one without. Wow, I missed that tree! If I needed a lemon I just picked one! So one of the first things I did at the new house was plant a lemon tree. It is growing nicely and I hope to pick my first crop next winter. They hold well on the tree so hopefully I will be back to having lemons when I want them!

  2. Bekah

    Oh, how I love this idea! I too mostly drink water, and have added sliced lemons and cucumbers (not at the same time!) to “spice” things up, but this sounds so refreshing! I bet mint leaves in the cubes would be amazing, too.

  3. jhoanna

    Thanks for the idea… we always buy a bag of lemons but some always go bad. Quick question. Do you manually load your instagram pics to the side bar or is there a plugin that does it?

    1. Carrie Post author

      Sure! That was exactly our issue too…The Instagram icon on my sidebar was something I custom designed – If you want your own, feel free to email me and we can talk about design services! (DreamGreenDIY@gmail.com)

  4. Diana

    Water is one of the only things I drink too and there’s nothing better than fresh lemon and lime juice and mint. This is definitely a time saver!


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