Pinspiration Monday: Burlap wrapped wreath

This morning’s “Pinspiration Monday” feature is actually a revisit of something I did several months ago – A wrapped wreath with DIY floral accents, which was inspired by the image below. I couldn’t get over those adorable flowers made from inexpensive pieces of felt. The colors, the simplicity, the character – Yeah, I was definitely going to have to make my own…

Source: Armelle the Blog

To see my full tutorial click here, but to paraphrase, the main goal was to create a welcoming spring/summertime wreath that didn’t require any hot glue – You see, the combo of our glass storm door, black front door and hellacious afternoon sun was melting all of my hot glued wreath creations. My solution? Staples, staples and more staples. It worked like a charm and I was able to adore my DIYed wreath for several blissful months.

Then, one day I noticed that the color suddenly seemed a bit “off”…Turns out that the sun wasn’t able to melt anything, but it WAS able to discolor the soft brown linen fabric I had initially chosen to wrap my straw wreath form with.

Here’s the wreath turned over exposing the back side so that you can see where the original brown linen starts and the ruined, now-sun-dyed purple begins.

Rather than scrapping the whole project, I simply rewrapped the wreath is a sturdier, more sun-resistant fabric: Burlap. I had a bunch left over from a couple of wedding projects, so out of my crafting closet it came along with my staple gun.

As I learned in my first go-round with this project, thinner “ribbons” of fabric are best for wrapping the wreath. So after laying out my burlap on the kitchen island, I took some scissors to it and sliced it into three long strips, each about three inches wide.

I didn’t even bother removing the discolored fabric, simply wrapping the new burlap right on top and stapling every so often along the back side of the wreath.

Once the new burlap was in place, I reattached my DIY felt florals with my staple gun. I still plan on replacing the staples with pretty pearl pins, but my eye isn’t really drawn to the exposed staples. I don’t think you really notice unless you get right up to the wreath, and I chuckle to imagine anyone scrutinizing my front door wreath that closely…

I’m actually really PLEASED that the sun ruined my first attempt because I adore the rustic vibe of the burlap. I’m not usually big on country looks, but sweet Southern burlap-wrapped wreaths still steal my heart. Gotta love a project that cost me nothing too…

Now that fall is almost upon us, I’m dreaming up more no-hot-glue seasonal wreath projects in the coming months – Stay tuned.

Please feel free to share your own DIY wreaths in the comments section!


10 thoughts on “Pinspiration Monday: Burlap wrapped wreath

  1. Katie

    Ooh, I’m liking the burlap a LOT! I’m also a big fan of yarn wreaths — my friend makes them and they’re adorable & don’t require hot glue.

    1. Carrie Post author

      Thanks! Oh, I didn’t =) The evening sunlight was bleaching out all of my photos on the front door, so I took it upstairs to my studio closet where the light was much softer. Good eye!

  2. Joelle Duff

    I love this! I’ve been thinking I need to make a new wreathe for our door for the fall, and a burlap one seems just right 🙂 thanks for sharing Carrie!



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