All in the details…


You know I love me a moody, dark gray bedroom…Given the fact that our very own master bedroom is swathed in this color’s richness, I can easily attest to the power of gray paint. Sure it’s bold, but it IS considered a neutral, making it a fabulous backdrop for just about anything you throw at it. My entire reasoning for painting our bedroom in “Victorian Pewter” was to have it sit behind and spotlight our collection of color photography. Here in today’s “All in the details” space, deep gray walls are the perfect soothing complement to wood tones, pattern and metallic texture.


I just counted at least 6 patterns. That’s a lot, but it works well because of the well-balanced negative space between each. I think my entire reasoning for choosing to feature this room was founded on those bold multicolor stripes in the bed linens. Without that fun pop, this room would be a little too traditional for my tastes. Well, that and the totally kitchy poodle lamp. Obviously.


I am kind of obsessed with big ornate gold frames right now. My favorite way of styling them is with a contemporary print, as they seem to have done here (can you guys make out the little dog balancing willy nilly on the arm chair in the one on the right?). There’s just something about seeing an odd modern piece of art inside an elegant traditional frame. The juxtaposition of moods is endearing.


I mean, this is pretty self explanatory (or I’ve simply explained it to death already).
Gray = Perfection. End of story.


Again, who else is counting at least a handful of textures here? Metallics, wood grain, woven mesh, wool, etc. etc. The more texture, the more homey a space feels, and this space feels especially comfortable and welcoming because of the layering.


The lamp gets me every time…These are the special pieces that take a room from stuffy to pleasant, and the premise behind my multiple trips a month through our local thrift stores. Conversation pieces like this wacky poodle lamp make people smile and, ultimately, make people relax and feel at home.

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8 thoughts on “All in the details…

  1. Mary Kate

    That pendleton blanket steals my heart! We have one and it is one of my favorite things in our house. My favorite piece for sure that we got in Montana.

  2. Joelle Duff

    I LOVE the color of your bedroom Carrie! And I love the way you mixed all those prints! I wish I had an eye like that…see, that’s why I need you to come to CA to help me with my home!


    1. Carrie Post author

      Thanks!! But you’re so creative – I can’t imagine that you don’t have an eye for that yourself…Either way, I’m still game for a CA trip 😉

  3. Emma

    Okay, at first I thought you just couldn’t hold back a post but now there’s one on Thursday as well? Are you posting more often or just really excited this week? I love the space as well, especially the bed frame. The lack of a headboard is balanced with the presence of the vertical frame and adds a great element to the room.


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