One Word: Layers

When brainstorming this morning’s “One Word” feature, I’ll admit that I briefly debated doing an entire board dedicated to fall. But since last week’s feature was all about the best of summer, I figured it was a little too soon to jump the gun to the next season (before it’s even officially begun).HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about ways to craft a wardrobe in preparation for autumn’s chill.

Although a board all about fashion seems a bit of a diversion from what this blog is all about (namely home decor and DIY projects), my style pins on Pinterest are some of my most-frequently perused. Just like I save money by doing my own home decor projects, I save money by doing my own outfit styling via these inspiration images.

I’ve chatted about it before, but I use these pins every day to inspire looks. How? I only archive images of designer outfits that I can put together using similar pieces that I already own. It won’t look EXACTLY the same, but it takes the guess work out of laying out a pulled together outfit, plus I’m encouraging myself to go “shopping” in my own closet.

Layering is my absolute favorite way of styling DIYed ensembles, so I’m celebrating that concept here this morning…Layers allow for more texture, more color, for accessories, more OOMPH!

How do you style your outfits for the transition from warm to cold weather? Feel free to share links to posts!

  1. Source
  2. Source
  3. Source
  4. Source
  5. Source
  6. Source
  7. Source
  8. Source
  9. Source
  10. Source
  11. Source
  12. Source

For all of my style pins, click here.


7 thoughts on “One Word: Layers

  1. Craftbaby (@CraftbabyCraft)

    Ha! I’m with Alex. I would die to be able to layer in the Fall. Fall just doesn’t exist in Florida. Although this past year, Liz and I refused to stop wearing boots until just past Easter. I am unfortunately too hot blooded and get cranky in that heat. *sigh*…Maybe one day…

    P.s. I’m on the hunt for awesome mint jeggings like picture #10. Do you feel a DIY project coming on? I do! haha!


    1. Carrie Post author

      Awww, oh no! Well good for you for sticking it out with the boots as long as possible! I wish I could wear mine year round…I got a great pair of mint jeans from Target, but DEFINITELY think a DIY would be a fun (and satisfying) project to take on =)


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