Pinspiration Monday: StickyGrams

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m a tad bit obsessed. There is just so much about life that deserves to be captured on camera – The people, the places, the activities, the animalllllssss (yes, I’m aware that I Instagram our pets at least three times a day…proud parent here!!). I’ve always been the type of gal to grab a camera in the moment and take a hundred photos a minute to capture all the little things. I freely admit to my obsession.

But just like normal point-and-shoot cameras, Instagrams tend to get stuck digitally with no where but Twitter, Facebook and my iPhone wallpaper to show them off.

Then I met StickyGrams.

Source: StickyGram

I actually first caught wind of the product while perusing The Rockstar Diaries, a favorite blog read of mine. Naomi’s collection of StickyGrams blew me away and I can only hope that we come up with as many photos worthy to be printed as keepsakes – See her full collection here.

But StickyGrams. What the heck is it? Essentially, you are able to choose your favorite Instagram shots from your account (synked automatically on the StickyGram site) and order a sheet of 9 magnetic photos for $14.99 – and shipping is free!

As soon as I got the gist, the link was immediately pinned onto my “Gotta Have” Pinterest board until I felt ready to grab some of my own. A couple of weeks later, with several memorable shots under my iPhone’s belt, I clicked “Confirm order.”

From top left to bottom right:

  1. Postal Service vinyl we picked up on a trip to Charlottesville, VA
  2. View of the downtown mall in Charlottesville
  3. Luna taking a cat nap on our bed
  4. Rocky hanging out with us on the back deck one summer evening
  5. John getting giving a bear hug at the zoo
  6. Me being a goof on a road trip
  7. Parker, Josie and Vinny – My parents three crazy labs
  8. My friends and I at Friday Cheers downtown
  9. Ginny people watching from the living room sofa

They were even special enough to get coveted real estate on the FRONT of the kitchen refrigerator – As you can see in the photo below, my OCD self tends to shove most magnets to the side of the fridge to keep the look clean and uncluttered. But my new StickyGrams were too cute to tuck away…

Another cool thing about StickyGrams is that you can break the large magnetic sheet apart into little photos all on their own – The sheet is already perforated along the lines so that it’s just a quick bend and snap to detach the squares. The possibilities for arrangement are endless.

I can’t get enough and definitely plan on grabbing more in the future. Who knows, maybe they’ll garner their own display project complete with hangable metal for a place of REAL honor in the house. Stay tuned…

Oh, and although this sounds like a living breathing paid advertisement for StickyGram, it is nothing of the sort. I just think it’s the darndest thing to hit virtual shopping since the PayPal button. 

P.S. Last week’s giveaway is still going strong!! Click here for a chance to win one of my brand new fine art prints.


6 thoughts on “Pinspiration Monday: StickyGrams

  1. knotrune

    You can buy that magnetic paper and print your own for much cheaper. But some people think the magnetic paper is not great for printers. Don’t ask me where, the place I got mine has stopped doing it and it’s in a different country anyway 🙂

  2. Stefani

    Love it! All of my instagrams are of my dog too. I printed 4x4s and mod podged them to mini canvases. I love the way they look but am having trouble finding a good way to display them since they’re so small.

      1. Stefani

        I did 12 of them initially, and had them in a tight cluster on the wall, which I liked. After I rearranged the furniture they didn’t really work in that spot anymore, so I rehung them in a more spread out arrangement over the bed, and they looked too sad with all that blank wall between them. I ended up getting those narrow picture ledges from Ikea, one short and one long, and hanging them over the bed. I’m finally happy with how they look!

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