Thrift Store SCORE! {The pheasant chronicles}

You’re going to think I’m crazy for picking this guy up…But give me a second to explain.

So, I mean, yeah…It’s pretty darn ugly, and his beak is a little worse for wear (can we please take a moment to speculate how the tip of a decorative glass bird looks almost scorched? Just weird). That, and his evil stare and aforementioned yellow schnoz look a little like the ones on nasty Miss Finch from Sesame Street’s “Follow That Bird.”


All of these points were well made when I spotted him amongst the random piles of glass figurines at our local thrift store, but I can never be convinced to pass up glass birds of any shape, size and especially color. I say “especially” because you and I both know how simple it is to change color with a big ole can of spray paint.

Speaking of…

I just so happened to have a nearly full can of Valspar quick drying metallic gold spray paint on hand, seemingly waiting for this exact project. I figured, if the bird ended up looking just as evil with the new paint color, I would only be out $2.10. Certainly not a break-the-bank risk here.

Luckily, two coats later, Mr. Pheasant was looking more much more regal and heroic than evil.

I love the extra glitz and glamour he gives my studio shelves, although I’m sure he’ll make his way throughout the rest of the house as time goes on. Call me wild, but I just can’t get enough of brass animals.

Oh, and you can now see the little seam by his neck with the new gold top coat – Little did I know when I bought him, but this little guy is actually a really elaborate cologne bottle! His head twists right off and he still smells pretty darn good inside (although he’s all empty). An interesting twist, for sure (pun intended).

Another recent bonus “Thrift Store SCORE!” comes in the form of this cuckoo clock that I bought at Goodwill for only $3.50. I think John would easily give this his “Weirdest Thing My Wife Has Ever Bought At A Thrift Store” award, but there was no way that I was going to leave the prestine German-made clock sitting on the shelf.

Sure, the bird’s door could use a little work and readjustment. But even if we needed to make the 40-minute drive out to our closest clock master (i.e.  Harding’s Clocks and Music Boxes) for some tinkering, I knew this was a treasure that couldn’t be passed up.

It’s even got real bellows for the cuckoo sound! All the inner workings seemed to be intact at first inspection, but I didn’t even care if they were or not – The obvious craftsmanship of the wooden face is pretty enough on its own. My mom has always been a huge fan of these types of clocks, so I whisked it off to her house where it now watches over the kitchen from the wall.

Have you found any gems at the thrift store lately?


12 thoughts on “Thrift Store SCORE! {The pheasant chronicles}

  1. Woman in the Middle

    I had to giggle when you expressed surprise that your pheasant was a cologne bottle. I recognized it immediately as an Avon bottle form the 70s, because I am old like that! I think we had one in our very own house for a while, as a matter of fact! He looks great in his new gold suit!

  2. theblumenartgallery

    I love the bird, but the clock is quite a treasure. We recently visited the Black Forrest here in Germany and similar clocks were selling for bookoos $. Great finds as always!

  3. Katie

    Carrie, I LOVE that cuckoo clock! Gah, you have much better luck thrifting in Lynchburg than I’ve had! I’ve yet to check out Estate Specialists though — it’s on my list for the next Lburg trip.


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