Pattern pizazz

Playing with pattern isn’t really something foreign to us. We mix patterns all the time in the things we choose to wear each day. A good variety of layered color and design is instantly appealing. Obviously, the same result can be achieved in our homes through a blend of patterns in things like our bed linens, wall art and living room pillows.

No, this isn’t ground-breaking news to anybody, but for some oddball reason I had completely ignored the simple concept in our living room for the past year and a half. Two pillows, people. I only had TWO accent pillows in my living room. Just sad…

My light bulb moment happened after watching this video via Emily Henderson, all about how she mixes pattern and texture to give a space more mass appeal. (Check it out. Seriously. Even if you’re at work and can’t listen to it with sound, you’ll learn a LOT. Here’s that link again.)

Anyway, it was time to mix things up in our living room. My weapon of choice? Obviously more throw pillows. Like, a LOT more, as evidenced by this sneak peek via Instagram:

Now, I’m not going to sugar coat this particular update in terms of cost. Throw pillows (at least the really cute kind) aren’t cheap. I spent almost exactly $100 on the pile above (minus the one yellow one on the far right, which I already owned). I purchased 6 pillows in all, a pair of fluffy faux fur numbers, a pair of yellow crochet-like pillows and two random accent pillows, one round and one rectangular, for variety.

Thirty seconds of tossing around later, we were feeling a little more layered.

It’s actually a pretty subtle difference visually, but it definitely beefs up the texture and interest of the room as a whole. Truth be told, I’m not feeling entirely satisfied with the sofa arrangement (two new furry pillows with my existing yellow ones). I bought the fur pillows as a way to bring in the funky 70’s vibe going on via the shag rug, and, while that works, it’s not much addition in terms of pattern play. Alas, I have been told by a certain individual who also happens to live in this house that my pillow quota has been capped. Oh well!

How about a closer look at the new textures and patterns, eh?

Speaking of that last one, my favorite updates are probably the yellow pillows on the new pair of midcentury chairs. The plain white seats really needed something soft and colorful to bring it up a notch, both in the looks and comfort departments.

Despite the expense of adding new pillows, I always think that investing in these types of accessories will pay off in the end. Accent pillows can be moved throughout a home in LIMITLESS ways and can change the entire feel of a space. I bought one extra accent pillow (the round one with yellow piping in the instagram at the beginning of this post) that I didn’t actually end up using, but instead of returning it, I just added it to my collection in the closet upstairs. That way, when I need a new pillow, I can go “shopping” in the comfort of my own home.

Oh, and did I mention I bought them all at Target? I tried shopping at discount store like T.J. Maxx and Ross, but neither store quite had the look I was going for. Target to the rescue, once again…

Have a great weekend!

P.S. My felt billy button project inspired by Tanya, of Dans Le Townhouse, was featured by the lady herself! Click on over to Tanya’s blog here for her oh-so-sweet write up. Thanks for the inspiration, Tanya!!! 


12 thoughts on “Pattern pizazz

  1. ahren

    what color is on your walls? also, I bought those chairs on Amazon after your post about them. LOVE them! we are using them in our office.

  2. Katie

    Awesome choices! I have the same yellow geometric pillow on our guest bed. You have good taste! 🙂 I’ve looked at the furry pillow before too but wondered if they would shed fur onto the couch. Have you noticed that at all?

    1. Carrie Post author

      Haha thank you!!! Great minds think alike =) I haven’t noticed any shedding at all!! And they are so so soooooo cozy to cuddle against while reading on the couch. Highly recommend them!

  3. emily @ go haus go

    Love them! The great thing about pillows is that when you get tired of the pillow, it can still exist as a form for a new cover! $100 ain’t too shabby! The only thing I would add is maybe an organic shape the color of your walls to break things up a bit! Even so, this room is looking delightful!

  4. deniseinark

    I work at Pier 1 and we have a white fuzzy pillow just like that one. The only problem with white is that it’s so soft you want to keep running your hands through it…and…well…it’s white…. If you got six pillows for $100, you were being a pretty serious shopper. Gotta tell ya, though, P1 has a daily dealy from their FB page going on through tomorrow for 25% off of the pillows that aren’t on sale right now (those are only 20% off anyway). On two $30 fuzzies, that’d be $15 in savings on just those two. I’m such a bargain-aholic that I even went to work for the discount LOL.


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