A lacy giveaway {via Simply Bridal}

The giveaway winner has been announced!
Scroll to the bottom of this post to find out if it’s YOU!!

Thank goodness it’s Friday! I have officially survived my first week at my new job. Although the majority of the week has been filled with orientation and getting caught up on HR paperwork, I’d say it was a refreshing and exciting week. I’m happy to be starting this new chapter in my life professionally and can’t wait to see where it takes me in the next few years.

But enough about that. Let’s get on to this giveaway…

When I was approached by Simply Bridal with the idea to offer a giveaway to you guys, you know I couldn’t say “no,” (P.S. for my giveaway and product sponsor policies, click here.) especially when I learned what the winner would receive

Source: SimplyBridal.com

I actually didn’t wear a veil for our wedding this past April. I decided that it just wasn’t for me, even after attempting to DIY my own version. But even though I said my vows sans lace, I still adore the look of a delicate veil on a bride – It’s sort of that finishing touch, that crowning piece that says you’re ready to say “I do.”

Well if you’re in the midst of planning your big day but haven’t found “the one” in terms of a veil, today could be your lucky day. The folks of SimplyBridal.com have graciously offered to send a veil of choice to the bride who wins today’s giveaway – To take a gander at the selections offered, click here. I’ve been drooling over them ever since I got wind of the offer…

Giveaway details:

To enter:
Leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite piece of your wedding day outfit – Is it the shoes? The dress? Maybe a special piece of jewelry. (Don’t forget to include an email address in the form so I can contact you!)

Bonus entry:
For extra chances to win the prize, follow Dream Green DIY on Facebook and/or Twitter and leave a comment for each here letting me know that you did. (it’s a win-win since you’ll be able to keep up with my daily updates once you’re a follower – But of course, there’s NO pressure to do so. You don’t need to do this in order to win the prize)

You have until Tuesday, November 6th at 11:59 p.m. to enter. The winner will be announced here on Wednesday, November 7th – Don’t forget to check back to see if you’ve won.

Nitty gritty:
International readers, enter away!! The winner will be selected using random.org.

Good luck!

GIVEAWAY UPDATE: Congratulations to Dana!!

Dana, I will be emailing you shortly with details on your veil. Thanks to everyone for your participation and I really enjoyed hearing about your beautiful wedding ensembles…The excitement is contagious!


69 thoughts on “A lacy giveaway {via Simply Bridal}

  1. Brittany

    For me, my favorite wedding outfit piece would have to be my engagement ring. Of course I love it for obvious reasons (the fact that I will be able to wear it the rest of my life, the symbol of the love of my fiance) but I also love that it is from the 1920’s (so, so much history I discovered that I will not go into detail here) and originally was given to his great-grandmother as an anniversary present. Not only does it represent our love, but the coming together of our families and a love that has lasted through the generations.

  2. Jessica Willis

    I’m still waiting for the day! 🙂 But I’m not worried, because said boyfriend of almost 4 years and I are still crazy for each other 😉 I’m most looking forward to the accessories and veil. No one seems to wear the veil anymore, so maybe that’s why I look forward to it so much? It’s just a classic piece to me.

  3. Kathryn J.

    My favorite piece is the definitely dress, but I always love seeing what kind of jewelry the brides wear – there are always such unique and interesting stories behind it!!

    I also already follow you on facebook!

  4. Halleh

    My favorite will by an heirloom sapphire ring that both my mom and my grandmother wore on their bid day. I don’t have have a veil yet, so crossing my fingers 🙂

  5. Dana Rodriguez

    I just recently got engaged so I would have to say the ring.I am just starting the planning so I am looking forward to the shoes,dress..everything!!Thank you for the chance 🙂

  6. Chloe Litton

    I’d have to say my favorite piece is definitely the veil, just because I feel its the most important part of everything that you have on ( besides the dress of course 🙂 It’s like the wedding cake topper but the topper of the brides whole look. Its also the most meaningful part( besides the ring of course lol). Your veil is what seperates you from your new life, and new beginning! Then of course ( on a roll with this phrase hehe) it brings you to the magical first kiss of husband and wife!!

  7. Danyell

    I am going to say my favorite piece is my dress!!!!!!! My mother lives in CA and I live in VA she was out for a visit and we went dress shopping I picked out this beautiful dress and the day was awesome! when the dress came in I went in to get it, tried it on and BALLED! I felt as if I were going to be on stage in a play, it didn’t feel organic to me or on me. I talked with the ladies and we ended up finding me an unbelievable dress that speaks for itself! I felt so bad for exchanging the dress that my mom and I picked out and since my mom was not there this time but I also realized there are some things that you have to do by yourself to get what you really want! as much as I wanted my mom there I learned a more valuable lessen in life and I will always have the memories of this story which makes me different from the rest and that is what I am but it all happened the way god wanted it to and the lessen that came to me from this experience was worth it all! My mother loves the dress but I don’t think I could have made the decision with her there! I was having a hard time planning everything with her so far away from me but with the experience I have learned that I can do this on my own and I will get more of what I want at my wedding instead of trying to please her I will be fine with out her here with me and look forward to her coming in town to enjoy her self at my wedding!

  8. Ashley Abernathey

    My favorite piece is definitely my ring!! We got engaged in August and I still catch myself just staring at my ring all the time!! It’s so beautiful and it’s exactly what I wanted! And of course it signifies the love that we have and the future we will have together.

  9. Millicent

    my favorite piece for my wedding day will be my wedding dresses, yes two! I will be having a fused African and American wedding. My dresses will symbolism the union of both cultures into one. The church wedding will be the white American dress and the reception would be a custom made African fabric dress that would compliment my fiance’s custom made African attire. You only get one chance to be a bride and for me wearing those dresses would be my highlight.


    followed you at both facebook and twitter accounts 🙂

  10. Hallie

    my favorite part of my wedding attire is my shoes, for the fact that they have a charm that goes on them with a picture of my Grandpa who unfourtnatly will not be there to see my wedding day, but having him on my shoes he can still “Walk me” down the aisle, like he would if he was still here!

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  11. Cierra

    I think my favorite piece would have to be the veil because I think wearing one is what will make me feel like a bride. I am very much looking forward to wearing one on my wedding day and would be totally thrilled if I won!

  12. Julie

    My favorite to-be wedding piece would have to be my grandmother’s diamond and pearl hair clip. She passed away a couple years back but this is my way of having her with me on my special day.


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