Pinspiration Monday: Heart-Shaped Whipped Cream

Have ya’ll heard of Epic Pinterest Fail? Well I’m deeply saddened to admit right off the bat that today’s project is definitely one for the books.

It all started with this lovely image – A sweet heart-shaped slice of whipped cream topping off a steamy cup of hot cocoa. Mittens, oversized gray wool sweater and a hot drink – This is what wintertime happiness is all about!

hot-cocoa-heart-marshmallows-300x451Source | The Sweetest Occasion

Well it’s all a lie.

My recreation began innocently enough…A tub of Cool Whip, one of our baking pans (the star of another Pinterest Fail uncovered here on Dream Green DIY) and a sheet of parchment paper. I first lined the pan with the parchment for easy clean up, then I dolloped the Cool Whip on top and spread it out with a spatula. All looked well and good, so into the freezer it went to harden up.





A few hours later, I took the pan out to test it but it still seemed pretty gooey to the touch so I gave it a few more hours. This eventually turned into a few DAYS because it never did harden up enough to “cookie cut.” A week went by and I sat down to revisit the project in a different way – With water. I thought that by adding a bit of water to my tray of whipped cream, it would give it a little more freeze-ability. Hours went by and I tentatively tapped my new mixture only to have my fingertip squish right into the Whipped Cream.

Fast forward to this past weekend when I finally decided that enough was enough and I was going to test this once and for all. I grabbed my little heart cookie cutter and the pan, and then proceeded to not-so-gently place it on the island for battle.

That’s when a miraculous thing happened…It looked like it might ACTUALLY work! The cookie cutter went in and I was able to shimmy it around without my heart-shaped slice losing form!! I willed my heating cup of cocoa to heat faster and, as soon as the microwave beeped, I eagerly slipped my heart on top.

Wait for it…


And voila!! The results of three weeks of anxious waiting and excitement to recreate my dream image:


So no, it definitely didn’t work. You can probably see the heart shape, but only vaguely amidst the already-melting Cool Whip. Is that not the saddest little heart you ever did see? I don’t know if I needed to incorporate more water into the mixture or what, but I can’t possibly imagine how the Cool Whip heart in my Pinterest image could be anything but fake. But it sure is cute though, right? The Pinterest image that is, not my sorry excuse for a recreation.

All this to say that, in the end, the melted Cool Whip still tasted just as sweet and satisfying once it was mixed in. All was not lost.


And just because I love you and we all love a good figurative “train wreck” every now and then, THIS is what my tray looked like after all that work. D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R.


Have you guys experienced any Pinterest fails lately? Feel free to use this as your confessional – In the end no matter your story, just remember…We can’t win ’em all.


16 thoughts on “Pinspiration Monday: Heart-Shaped Whipped Cream

  1. Jessalyn

    bummer! couple thoughts: a) some people store cool whip in the freezer, so i think that means it wont ever freeze solid; b) are you sure it’s cream? what if the heart in the inspiration photo is actually a homemade marshmallow cut in the shape of a heart? c) i wonder if you made whipped cream from, you know, cream, and then froze it you would have better results? d) i love your mug.

  2. Ainhoa

    Oh no! I think if you whipped your own heavy cream with a bit of gelatin you *might* be able to get it to work. Maybe you can give it another try some time… I love hot chocolate with whipped cream in any form though, you really can’t go wrong with that.

  3. clarticat

    Lol the heart looks like some yoghurt ice cream or to me (maybe you can try that :P). Haha you sure have a lot of patience and eagerness to make it work! Awesome to find out that there’s some reality check like pinterest fail (thanks for link :P)!

  4. Danielle

    Haha Carrie, this actually made me laugh out loud! I think we all have experienced serious Pinterest fails, but it takes a brave girl to post about them.

    Needless to say it was a valiant effort on your part and at least you got a funny post (and a tasty cup of hot chocolate) from it!


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