One Word: Accessorize



I’m ALWAYS looking for high end short cuts when it comes to our home. From thrifted furniture and lamps that attempt to match the collected elegance of an Elle Decor spread, to revamping a hand-me-down into something that looks on trend and matches my own personal style.

That said, I have a similar phylosophy when it comes to my closet. I am always looking for ways to build a wardrobe that, A) will stand the test of time, and B) LOOKS expensive but is within my meager budget. This tends to mean that I shop mostly in places like TJMaxx and our two J.Crew factory clearance stores (I am BEYOND lucky to live in the same neighborhood as one of the brand’s headquarters).

But things are shifting a bit now that I’ve made the committment to quit shopping for garments for an entire year. Accessories though? These are fair game in my book, and lucky for me because they can change the entire look and feel of an outfit – From night to day, from office to play, and from spunky to sophisticated. I’m taking a cue from these inspiration images to make the absolute MOST out of the wardrobe I have now – And adding a few must-have accessories to my 2013 list.













For more style ideas, click over to my Pinterest board here.


6 thoughts on “One Word: Accessorize

  1. cravesadventure

    I love accessories, but really hard to wear in my line of work, so I usually wear fun shirts and shoes to play it up during the work week and then go hog wild on the weekends once in a while. Great post – thanks for sharing – Happy Tuesday:)


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