All in the details…



Let’s continue with the mini book theme established earlier this week, shall we? Whenever I come across library-like rooms while browsing Pinterest or other blogs, I instantly think that there’s no way I could ever pull something similar off – At least without hiring a contractor to install huge custom built-ins. But even after pinning this lust-worthy room without a hope to recreate it on our budget, I took a closer look and was astounded to see that the “custom built-ins” that I had assumed into existence, were really just floor-to-ceiling shelves. Like pretty STANDARD office supply store metal bracket shelves! Wow. This could really happen someday.

1…Again, this is quite possibly the best DIY solution I have ever seen for large-scale book shelving. I’m sure the cost of all those shelves would add up, but the number shouldn’t even come close to touching the estimate for custom built wooden shelving. I love love love this idea and hope that at least one of you will try it at home so that we can all be jealous of you.

2…Aside from the books, although I’m having trouble tearing my eyes away, I am loving the textiles in the rest of the room. That gorgeous patterned rug, the deep warm colors, the heathery upholstery on the accent chairs – I’d love to be invited over to book club at this house.

3…The styling is so pretty here. A simple tray with candles, glasses and an elegant orchid are all you need to bring a feminine touch to this largely masculine space.

What are your favorite details?

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