One Word: Splurge


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It seems that just about every new day leads to the discovery of some fun, colorful and fabulous find. Patterned rugs and pillows, iPhone accessories, prints, books, lamps and jewelry – The list LITERALLY could go on and on. Despite the reasonable price points on a lot of the products featured today, each and every one of them is a splurge for me. Why is that? Well, I am currently a full-time freelancer hoping for her next big break.

You may have caught wind of this recent development via various social media outlets where I made note of it, but to get you up to speed, the job I took in October simply wasn’t a good fit. After 12 weeks of training, the reality of the job itself simply wasn’t for me and I made the decision to leave. I’m now in the process of working as a freelancer and searching for a position (nay, a CAREER) that I can really sink my creativity- and art-obsessed teeth into. Thanks for all of the encouragement and well wishes! And until I find that perfect path…I’ll be dreaming of being able to afford any of the sweet beauties listed below













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