One Word: Antlers


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I have a new styling obsession…Yup, none other than antlers. These little pieces of nature are sculptural, always one-of-a-kind and infuse a space with a unique organic feeling all their own. Although some may find the notion of decorating with antlers a little creepy, I have quickly joined their team after doing a little Pinterest research and discovering the plethora o’ uses.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I spent the weekend with two close girlfriends down in Charlotte, NC. You ALSO know that we visited the mecca of all things antique (as hinted here). Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret before I blog about it later on this week – I purchased a gorgeous single antler, and I am DYING to get started with styling it up. I’m heavily leaning towards the neon dipped paint look…What do you guys think?













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10 thoughts on “One Word: Antlers

  1. Betty Amazing

    I love this! I wonder if there’s anywhere you can get cruelty free antlers – as they’re shed by the deer naturally? I know you can get cruelty-fee antler dog chews, but they tend to be smaller pieces – something to think about! xxx

    1. Carrie Post author

      THANK you!!! Such a good thought. I’ll be sure to do some research when I post the finished look of my own antler. Part of me is actually curious if the one I bought is real…Seems awfully plastic at the end, but I’m no expert on antlers!

      1. Betty Amazing

        I hope you find something! I’d been wondering for a while about making some out of air-drying clay, or even papier maché on a wire base – you can get some really great wood-like effects, so why not antler? xx

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