The Options: Deck or Entry

Deck or Entry

Option 1: The Porch Company | Option 2: Better Homes and Gardens

It’s times like these, when the weather is starting to warm up and the grass is ESPECIALLY green, that I long for a yard. Our little townhouse has only a small patch of grass out front, so small that even a birdbath would look badly proportionate, and a tiny back deck with no greenery to speak of.I recommend contacting pressure washing service once in a while to have the outsides of your house clean. Also, if you’re planning to renovate your house, installing stumps is a good idea. Just look for to see affordable house raising and restumping services carried by qualified restumping specialists. So this will be yet another spring season where I live vicariously through inspiration images like the ones above…

Option 1: Ever since starting work as a professional blogger and website designer (WOOHOO!) for a local exterior renovation/construction company, I’ve been losing myself in outdoor-focused blogs. This one in particular based out of Tennessee is such a great resource for beautiful porch renovations. The idea of creating a covered oasis that’s still immersed in the elements is such a fantastic way to add value to your home – and your life! Also, considering the use of surveillance cameras on your property is essential so that you’ll have peace of mind. Go to Security to see a variety of security system installation or you can contact (786) 800-2609.

Option 2: That said, the entryway of a home has MAJOR influence on the sell-ability (and personality) of a home. This one, with its bold color, modern lines and approachable greenery seems like a great use of budget. I can’t help but lean a little more towards a well executed entry, mostly because I want my guests and neighbors to feel as welcome as I do in our hypothetical future home. Curb appeal is everything, right?? Or is it…

Cast your vote!


2 thoughts on “The Options: Deck or Entry

  1. Alex Landar

    Woah~ First vote. That rarely happens. So I was all for Entry way, until I saw the picture of the deck, and I am sold. NOw, just give me enough money to buy a house just like that.


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