About Carrie


My name is Carrie Waller – I’m a freelance writer, designer and blogger living in Lynchburg, Virginia. My husband, John, and I (along with our furry “kids” Rocky, Luna and Ginny) are content to spend our evenings at home with a good vinyl, book or project or traipsing through the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains. With a background in fine art, I’m always eager to soak in the newest home design trends. Pattern, color, texture and sheen are my constant muses and mid-century modern is my go-to era of choice. On any given Saturday, you’ll find me digging through piles of junk at local thrift and estate shops searching for my next conversation piece. Old brass animals and 1970’s lamps are my eternal weaknesses in life.


Dream Green DIY is the personification of my three main passions: (1) DIY, (2) Design, (3) Life. Here, you’ll find me chatting about recent design trends, ways to transform everyday objects into beautiful showstoppers and about how to juggle life as a wife, creative entrepreneur and homeowner. Armed with a hammer, a couple of cordless screwdrivers, an impressive collection of new, used and hand-me-down hardware, and a heck of a lot of love for all things creative and crafty, I’m tackling home projects with gusto (and on a budget to boot). I’ll take you through my successes (and failures), show you all the cool stuff I come across in thrifting/big box store travels and will constantly keep you, my creative reader, posted on the changes and updates, which happen at warp speed because of my distaste for sentences with “and then later we can…” attached to it.

For updated progress photos on each room, click over to the house tour.

(Photos shot by Mallory Benedict, courtesy of The Everygirl)


19 thoughts on “About Carrie

  1. Britney

    Just wanted to say that this is the best blog I have ever been to, my new favorite blog ..hehe! 🙂

  2. Jennifer

    Sounds exciting! I just popped by when I saw you on “Freshly Pressed”, and thought your title sounded good. My older sister and her husband thrift ALL the time and always seem to get amazing stuff for AMAZING deals! God luck with everything. I hope your home turns out just the way you dreamed. Have a great week!


    1. Carrie Post author

      Thanks, Jenny!!! Thrifting can be a very lucrative past time =) Thank you for the warm wished and I hope you have a great week too! Come back anytime!

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