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I’d love to hear from you! I welcome ideas, thoughts, suggestions, your own DIY transformation, really just about anything you want to gab about – To weigh in, feel free to email me anytime at

ADVERTISING: Dream Green DIY is not currently accepting advertisements. Too often, I’ve seen blogs turn into sites full of blinking, crowded ads and that’s just not for me. My blog is such a personal reflection of my thoughts, inspirations and actions that I want it to be entirely about that, not making money. Who knows what the future holds, but at this point in time, my focus is staying on my own content and graphics. The only exception is in regards to products that can benefit my readers – See below!

PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS POSTING POLICY: (try saying that three times fast…) If offered free promotional materials from your company in exchange for a post with my thoughts/opinions, (#1) I must already be in the market for said product, and (#2) I won’t accept any free goodies unless my awesome readers can get in on the deal too. If that policy works for you, then I would be more than happy to try out your product, offer my unsolicited professional advice on my blog and sweeten the deal by offering a second product to the masses in the form of a giveaway (see a past giveaway post here as an example). I look forward to spreading your word!


2 thoughts on “Contact & Policies

  1. Vanessa

    I’d love to get more information on how to advertise on your page. I am a Thirty One Consultant – just recently started. I’m not too sure how to go about it, so any information is much appreciated 🙂 Everything in your page is fantastic!

    1. Carrie Post author

      Vanessa, Thanks for stopping by and for your interest in advertising! I will message you some more information on Monday when I have time to organize it all for you. Looking forward to chatting with you some more!!!


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