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The Options: Silver or Gold

Silver or Gold

Option 1: decor pad | Option 2: Caitlin Wilson Textiles

I am all about metallics in our home. While I’m typically drawn to the look of 1960’s/70’s brass, there’s certainly something to be said about the silver-and-gold mainstays. A little hit of sparkle can go a long way in transforming a bland room into a dimensional and warm space. But if you had to choose one or the other, which way would you lean?

Option 1: In my own opinion, silver tends to read a little more contemporary than gold. Whether you go with brushed nickel or polished chrome, this glossy milky gray finish will instantly add elegance to your home. From light fixtures, to metallic wallpaper, silver is a trend that’s here to stay.

Option 2: But if I had to choose, I would definitely lean towards gold. Settling in easily with my favorite brass finishes, there is something undeniably sophisticated about gold accents. The gold side table and metallic pillows in the inspiration image above bring a little bit of antiqued worldliness to this space. Imagine if all of the gold was gone from the room, leaving you with just the pink sofa, black frames and potted flower. It’s just not the same…

At any rate, those are my thoughts, but what are you leaning towards? – Cast your vote!


Ashley & Nathan’s DIY wedding

Today, I am beyond honored to share the lovely DIY wedding of our good friends Nathan and Ashley. Now, if ever there was a soulmate couple to our own little twosome, this is “the one.” Made up of one part manly musician and outdoor enthusiast, and another part girly crafting extraordinaire, the newlywed Hilbish’s are the yin to our yang. I could sit and chat for hours with Ashley about this and that for the home. Her exceptional taste (no surprise, she works as an interior decorator for Curtains, Blinds and Bath locally) is one that I have come to rely on for bouncing ideas off of. And nothing showcases that taste better than her and her hubby’s wedding day.

Shot by the talented Colling Photography, this oh-so-special May event is just saturated in style and elegance. What I thought a lot of you would appreciate is that, while the wedding ceremony and reception look filled to the brim with exuberance, a large portion of it was created at the hands of Ashley and her family and friends.

Throughout the photos shown below, you’ll find thoughts and memories spoken straight from the bride herself. If you’re planning your own wedding this season, Ashley shares tons of valuable (and practical) advice for tackling the sometimes stressful planning stages. A full list of local event vendors is also included along with links at the end of the post. I hope you enjoy!



I never thought it would be so daunting to recollect a day that was literally just a month ago! Trying to remember your wedding day is like trying to remember your 5th birthday – You know it happened and lots of amazing people were there to share the experience with you, (and yes you have way better pictures from your wedding than your 5th birthday, unless your parents are photographers) but that’s about it! I’ve never been a “focus on me” type of girl, or so I think, so I was all about the details. I had so much fun planning my wedding with my maid-of-honor/sister and mother, it was like I wasn’t even doing it. Also, props to Pinterest because without it I would have been lost.









I really started planning everything like um … a month or two before! I’m a low to no stress type of person so I didn’t worry about stuff (but seriously, take Pilates it will help). I knew the wedding would happen no matter what and that it would be awesome because everyone I surrounded myself with was awesome. So what if I verified flowers a week before, or my caterer had something terribly tragic happen and we had to switch to someone brand new four weeks before. Just wait until you see the food. Yeah, it was awesome. You can be “that girl” who stresses over everything, but what’s the point? You make your vendors miserable AND yourself, along with everyone around you who wishes you were just eloping.










Nathan and I didn’t have any type of ideas to plan; well, frankly he didn’t care. We started out one way but as events fall into place, you can get a sense of direction on your true style. Don’t force it if it’s not meant to be, otherwise you’ll look back and you won’t even be reflected in it. Ours I think was relaxed, vintage-y, fun and personal. We had little details, from Nathan’s squirrel tie (yes, he loves squirrels and I thought why the heck not) and a group dance to break the ice prior to going down the aisle, to really cute things about us on the program to keep people entertained while they waited! It was fun to have fun doing everything, and I think it made it that much more special to the people involved because it made them know you really appreciated them as individuals. If you know your wedding party isn’t filled with “tux-loving” guys, don’t try to put them in one – They will just look super awkward in the pictures. Yes, my girls are girly in 3” designer heels and dresses from who knows where, and the guys were “the guys” with rolled up sleeves and Vans – It just worked together because we were all comfortable.





















The best advice I received that every bride should remember is that it’s your wedding! People are going to ooh and ahh over things they find, and  they will bring you magazine clippings from 1999 that make no sense to your scheme, and email you 1,000 photos of dresses you hate with hints on what they “wish” you’d do (but that you actually want to gag over), or tell you how they did it at their wedding; but what you actually decide to do is a different story. I learned to breathe deep, smile, tell them how great their ideas were, and thank them for thinking of me. I only had one huge meltdown before truly embracing that advice, and then it was all groovy! Have fun with it, it’s your day and your adventure, so surround yourself with people you love and who like to have fun, because in the end it’s so great to stand back and still have all of those people around you laughing at how ridiculous you look in a group jumping picture. 

Photography: Colling Photography
Venue: Afton Mountain Vineyards
Flowers: Doyle’s Forist (Bloom)
Dress: Celebration Bridal
Hair: Bliss Salon
Catering: Cater This!
Cake: Willie Payne (former owner of Magnolia Foods)
Coordination: R.S. Exclusive
Entertainment: DJ Mendez of Mendez Music Academy

All in the details…

Laundry Room


Our laundry room is one of the last spaces in the house largely untouched by my crafting neurosis. We’ve got some attractive organization, a DIY embellished curtain (please forgive my HORRIBLE photography skills way back when) and some lackluster artwork and dishwasher repair, but that’s it. Suffice it to say that it could use a little something more. Thankfully, this well styled laundry room could just be the inspiration that I need to GET. ON. IT.

Let’s talk details…

1…First and foremost, the metallic pattern on the back wall makes a major difference. It distracts from the utilitarian washing machine and dryer, and adds just the right touch of feminine character. I hate to sound so traditional, but I feel like a laundry room is OFTEN a lady’s domain, so why not play that up with distinctly girly colors, patterns and accents?

2…Sure, this particular homeowner got a little help from the big guys when it came to styling, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. Who wouldn’t want their detergent powder stored in oversized glass gars and their rags tucked neatly away in wicker baskets? I know I would.

3…The floor here is another great DIY project that we could all try tackling at home. A simple painted navy and white stripe takes it, again, from utilitarian to stylish in a single afternoon of hands-and-knees labor. I’m jotting all of this down on my to-do list as we speak.

What are your favorite details?

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The Options: Butcher Block or Stone

Butcher Block or Stone

Option 1: {frolic!}| Option 2: houzz

Even if I had all the money in the world, I’m still not sure which direction I would go in today’s “Options” feature. Do we go with inexpensive, low-maintenance butcher block countertops, or splurge for the beauty of natural stone?

Option 1: What I love so much about a butcher block counter – aside from the ease of use and upkeep – is the beauty of the wood grain. There’s something endearing about that rustic characteristic that just can’t be believably manufactured. Plus, if you’re going for a modern-meets-traditional look, this is an easy way to achieve it when paired with mod white cabinets and sleek hardware.

Option 2: And yet…There’s absolutely no denying that the shiny, pristine surface of marble is something to consider. It’s gorgeous and looks so high end. Do you think it’s worth the fuss though? Sometimes I think that granite is a bit overrated, but the moment I lay eyes on it, I can’t help but feel like life is a little more luxurious.

I’d love to know your opinion – Cast your vote!

The Options: Gallery Wall or Gallery Ledge

Gallery Wall or Gallery Ledge

Option 1: The Everygirl | Option 2: Pinterest (source uncredited)

I adore art. Have WAY too much of it, in fact. At one point, it had piled so high in my studio closet that I literally gave up and hung everything gallery wall style in our upstairs hallway just to get it up off the floor! So it should come as no surprise that I would be particularly enamored with different exhibition methods. The age old question (at least it’s “age old” to me…) – Gallery wall or gallery ledge?

Option 1: Gallery walls can typically withstand a larger VOLUME of framed prints, so that’s score #1 for this particular methodology. The options are nearly limitless too when it comes to shape – Hang your prints randomly like the first inspiration image above, or hang them to mimic a round shape. You could even take the time to painstakingly line up your frame edges (think a rectangular puzzle with perfect 90 degree corners). No matter your arrangement, you can’t deny the impact of this first option.

Option 2: And yet, for the more calculated art connoisseur, there’s the gallery ledge. A sturdy thin shelf mounted securely to the wall allows your favorite framed prints to “float” in a more contained manner on the wall. The layered effect of larger frames behind smaller ones in the front is my favorite part of this set up. Plus, you have much more freedom to move the frames around or switch out the art when it suits your fancy.

Those are my thoughts, but I’m dying to know your opinion – Cast your vote!

All in the details…

Courtyard Pool


Continuing with this week’s travel theme, I couldn’t help but chat about the fun, energetic poolside image above. While our own rented courtyard pool for the week isn’t quite as glamorous as this one, I wanted (nay, NEEDED) to spend a little time imagining the possibilities.

Let’s talk details…

1…I know our next house will never include such a decadent outdoor eating area, but that doesn’t mean that this girl can’t dream! Potted palms, a dining table that seats 10 and cushioned corners for reading in the shade make this the be-all and end-all of outdoor living.

2…I’ve never been well-versed in architecture, but thanks to being an avid reader and subscriber to Dwell magazine, I DO know how dramatic an extensive overhang can be. This one is a great example, with its dark stained boards and massive industrial windows underneath. The shade there on that upper deck must be hugely tempting come afternoon. Plus, can we please take a moment to admire the gorgeous curvy white detailing on the railings?

3…Who knew glass blocks would come back into style?? This patio is flanked on either side by what looks like twin glass feature walls. I can only imagine how gorgeous the lower INDOOR living area is with the natural light shining through the frosted surface of the glass.

What are your favorite details?

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The Options: Beach or Mountains

Beach or Mountains

Option 1: Style Me Pretty | Option 2: Taylor McCutchan Photography

In honor of our family vacation this week, I’m shying away from home stuff JUST for a little bit. And since I know we all have our own opinion when it comes to a vacation destination, I want to know…Are you a beach bum when you have the opportunity to get away? Or are you more interested in a mountain retreat?

Option 1: I’m pretty picky myself when it comes to beach vacations. I can’t stand over-commercialized places like Myrtle beach (a biggie around these east coast parts), preferring a more secluded and relaxed vibe. But there’s also the idea of a super glamorous exotic vacation to somewhere like Punta Cana or Mexico. Even if I had all the money in the world though, I still think I’d choose our current location in South Carolina.

Option 2: If John were to vote in today’s post, I’m pretty sure he’d choose the mountains. While his excuse for not joining us this year was a lack of vacation time available at work, I have a secret theory that a beach vacation just doesn’t interest him much. He’d rather take off for a long weekend away in the mountains – a cabin, a fishing pole and a campfire are all he needs to have a good time. And I can definitely wrap my head around that notion…

I’m torn!