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Weekly Pinterest Challenge: Antler Jewelry Holder

Notice anything different about today’s post? Specifically the title? Well, I’ve officially decided to retire the feature title “Pinspiration Monday” once and for all. When I first started this recurring Monday morning theme over 2 years ago, I had no idea just how much it would consume my focus. What initially began as a way to chat out loud about my favorite Pinterest pins, has evolved into a full on weekly challenge – “challenge” being the operative word. Making the commitment to recreate one of my pins each and every week is a LOT of fun, but also a LOT of work. But I adore making the promise to myself that my pins (all 7,681 of them) won’t go untested, or at least unconsidered.

So it’s time to slap a REAL title to this challenge and shout out the truth behind the mission. I hope you don’t mind the minor shift and that it doesn’t throw you off. Aside from the new name, nothing else will change – Meet me here same time each Monday, and you’ll continue to see a Pinterest pin brought to life through my own perspective.


Source: Etsy

Now that that little piece of business is out of the way, I’m excited to share today’s “Weekly Pinterest Challenge” focus – antlers. Way back when I got my own vintage antler to be used for styling around the house, I considered painting it, I considered leaving it as is and I even considered wrapping it in yarn (like this). But that was only until I saw the image above. What better way to put that protruding, sculptural shape to use then by hanging jewelry from it?

The only issue was that my particular antler was a solo piece – no mountable duo like the inspiration from Pinterest. But I figured it would be just as fun to lay my own antler on a surface and hang bracelets from the upturned curvature – I’ve seen a couple of people do just that on other blogs before, so I wasn’t thinking too far out of the box here. And luckily, it worked!



This is one of those amazingly simple, amazingly fast projects that took only, oh…five minutes. And that was mostly factoring in the time it took me to walk to the basement den to grab the antler and walk back upstairs to set it on the bedroom dresser. Sometimes though, it’s these quick and easy styling fixes that make all the difference in a space.




If you’re also into this rustic trend, what are your favorite ways to style antlers?


Pinspiration Monday: Gold+Neon Bookends

DIY Gold Bookends

Searching for projects to recreate in my “Pinspiration Monday” feature is always a crapshoot. I’m either feeling super adventurous, tackling something large-scale with an entire tabletop full of materials, or I’m feeling like a quick ten minute project using a maximum of 2 supplies. This past weekend I was feeling somewhere in between. The project in question? This time I went with a fun office-inspired DIY first discovered on one of my favorite blogs, designlovefest. It was simple, inexpensive and you really can’t go wrong with hot pink and gold.


via designlovefest

For this project, you need two medium-sized rocks (I envisioned something about the size of my hand) a can of gold spray paint and a can of hot pink spray paint. In the midst of a to-do list about three miles long this past Saturday, I made a point to pick up some hot pink spray paint – I already had the gold on hand at home, so that wasn’t a concern. But on my way home, I remembered that I still needed my rocks…No more than 15 seconds after realizing this, I happened to come around the bend in the road and noticed a construction site with a pile of, you guessed it, hand-sized rocks. My split decision made, I eased the car to the side of the road, hopped out and, in a silk sundress and sandals, proceeded to choose two appropriately sized rocks. Gotta love free supplies.



With my rocks brought home in the passenger seat of the car (and feeling a little scrappier than usual) I turned my attention to the paint. Like I said, I already owned the gold – Valspar metallic gold in a gloss finish – but the Krylon was a new one for me. Keeping in line with my inspiration image, I chose a neon hot pink (“Mambo Pink,” to be specific) and was overall pretty impressed with the coverage and nozzle design. I’m hardly picky when it comes to spray paint, but I will definitely make a conscious decision in the future to use this brand (and heck no, I’m not being paid to say that in case you were wondering).


I was actually in the midst of a different project around the time that this one needed to begin, so John graciously spritzed the gold layer on for me – Didn’t he do a good job? The jubilant expression on his face when he came up from the garage was enough to get me pumped for the second half of the project, and when I finally saw the metallic beauties for myself, I was all but psyched.



And we hadn’t even GOTTEN to the fun part yet – The hot pink.

Before sending John down to spray the gold layer, we decided on the orientation and wrote a big red “B” on the bottom of each rock just to make sure we sprayed the right end. So once the gold paint was dry (I waited 24 hours) and I flipped the rocks over exposing the “B,” I proceeded to cover it with pink paint.


Unlike with the gold paint, the pink was sprayed ever so lightly in order to achieve the misted effect of Bri’s own bookends. There’s something about the tone on tone effect these two colors make that really captures my attention, and when I stepped back from the completed (albeit wet and upside down) bookends I had officially reached “psyched” territory.


We were having an exceptionally stormy day when I styled the new natural-meets-contrived bookends so they’re a little more brilliant in person than they look here, but I’m sure you can see just how funky and unique they are.



The subtle transition from pink at the bottom to gold at the top is the winning factor for me. It’s hard for me to even picture what they looked like before, in their once muddled gray color. Now, they are fit for my color splashed studio.

What kinds of natural materials do you use in your DIY projects at home?

Pinspiration Monday: Umbrella Stand

It may seem a bit funny, but I’ve always loved the idea of a good umbrella stand. Something so utilitarian doesn’t really need to to be cute, stylish or whimsical, but I sure do love that someone decided that it should be for no other reason than making us smile.

Here are just a few that I’ve come across throughout my virtual Pinterest travels…



Screen shot 2013-05-24 at 6.45.32 AM




Amazingly though, I had yet to pull the trigger. They cost too much money, I had no real, desperate need per se (although that hardly ever stops me in normal circumstances) – whatever the reason, our version of an umbrella stand was the floor of the coat closet or, on particularly rainy days, looped over the edge of the bar cart right inside the front door.

That is, until I met my new favorite entryway accessory…




Clocking in at just $39.99, this oh-so-sculptural, oh-so-ORANGE piece fit the bill (and then some!) of my dream umbrella stand. It hardly bears describing, but it even came with its very own coat rack to boot! While I really love the look of our new multi-tasking home accessory by itself (which was snagged from Ross, by the way, one random day during my lunch break), it even looks pretty swanky filled with the usual suspects – coats, hats, scarves, the dog leash and, of course, the umbrella.



No, it’s certainly no designer umbrella stand, and its not an owl (or a pair of porcelain boots) but I love the color, I love the swirly shapes and the peppy “conversation” it has with the rest of the entryway is undeniable – Although it’s nothing like I had pictured, it fits juuuuuuust right.

What odd ball treasures have you unearthed lately?

P.S. Happy Memorial Day!! I’m excited to be spending a little extra time with family today, and I hope you are able to do the same.

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Pinspiration Monday: Travel Keepsake Box

Well, we are back safe and sound from the beach! “Safe and sound” but also more than a little depressed to have traded in our shorts and sandals for work appropriate slacks and flats…There is very little worse than driving back over the bridge towards home when it feels like we were just driving OVER it towards our island oasis. Yet, on a happy note, I’ve been reunited with my lovable hubby and our three furry kiddos so life ain’t all that bad.

I’ll be recapping our trip throughout the week, including a full tour of the house we rented and a review of one fun, HANDY new product I tested out, but today I’m sharing a little project I managed to whip up yesterday afternoon after everything was unpacked and I was ready to do a little reminiscing…


Source: Martha Stewart

The inspiration image above (snagged from Pinterest, of course) caught my eye right away. I’m definitely the sentimental sort, saving everything from receipts and candy wrappers, to ticket stubs and those little cardboard restaurant coasters – Anything to encourage a little walk down memory lane. As I’m sure you can imagine, I came home with quite a few new pieces of memorabilia to commemorate our latest trip to South Carolina.


Although this is something like the 12th time we’ve visited Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, a quaint southern plantation my parents discovered on their honeymoon almost 30 years ago, we’re always discovering new places and picking up new treasures. Instead of tossing it all, I loved the idea of filing it all away in a special labeled box. Luckily, I was able to pick up all of my supplies pre-vacation and just had to set aside 15 minutes of my Sunday afternoon to put it all together.




As to those supplies, I bought two hinged wooden boxes for less than $5 apiece at my local craft store, one for this recent trip to Hilton Head and another for our honeymoon to Punta Cana last May. The stencil I also picked up cost next to nothing and helped my confidence to stay on point as I drew out the letters on my first travel keepsake box.



To label my box with “HHI” (for “Hilton Head Island”), I simply held the stencil in place and traced the shape with a pencil. Now here’s where I know a lot of you will think I’m crazy, but really I’m just impatient…I knew that black paint would have given me a cleaner look, but I had just finished cleaning up from a spontaneous closet purge and didn’t have the energy to paint my letters. So instead I grabbed a Sharpie pen and merely colored inside my traced lines.



Sure it bled a little bit but, since it only took me .5 seconds to complete whereas it would have taken me at least 20 minutes to paint it on, the uneven lines were worth it. I can always go back over with black paint to clean up the edges if I feel like it, but frankly, I don’t mind the drawn on look. This is one of those projects that’s just for me and my desire to remember a wonderful family vacation – Perfection was never my goal.


That said, my ultimate goal of creating a special sanctuary for all of my collected paper memories was easily met, and I can’t wait to move on to my second box reserved for Punta Cana memories!




How do you make the most of YOUR vacation memories?

Pinspiration Monday: Top 10 Best Pinners

Try saying that 5 times fast…

Welp, SURPISE!! My family and I (minus John, who didn’t have enough vacay time…) are off to the beach for an entire blissful week. We are already a couple of days into it and having a blast. The house that we rented has this fabulous courtyard pool that my sis and I have been lounging around all day every day. Follow me on Instagram for ALL the updates, although prepare to be jealous!

And before you start feeling bad for John, I think he’s looking forward to a nice relaxing girl-free week. He’s not much of a fan of the beach anyway.  Don’t try to figure that one out, by the way – I already have and am left cross eyed.

But now that that little sidebar is out of the way, I wanted to share a little something different this “Pinspiration Monday” morning. It’s high time that I give a little run down on my top ten pinners and why they made the cut. So much of this blog is made possible because of inspiration gleaned from this website, so I want to turn the spotlight on the individuals whose instincts  keep my creativity on its toes.

Top 10 Pinners

  1. Glitter Guide: The Glitter Guide has ALWAYS been an incredible resource for me, even before I started writing features for them. Every morning (and afternoon and evening) I jump at the chance to “bookmark” their inspiring pins on fashion, food and home design.
  2. Apartment Therapy: My favorite things to pin from the Apartment Therapy board are (of course) the homes they feature. The small space pins are especially interesting to me as we work to decorate our OWN small space.
  3. Lily /Birch + Bird: Lily (of the blog Birch and Bird) is definitely one my most repinned Pinterest users. Scrolling through her latest pins is like looking through my favorite magazine – A beautifully curated collection of photography and bookmarkable resources.
  4. Bri Emery / designlovefest: This oober talented graphic designer is constantly keeping me on my toes with her glamorous throw back lifestyle and gutsy use of color.
  5. N C (i.e. Nest Design Studio): I definitely feel like Natalie and I just repin each others pins all day. She and I must be kindred spirits when it comes to taste and style, because there’s hardly a pin of hers that I don’t file away for myself.
  6. Tanya from Dans le Townhouse: This board is one of my favorites for mid-century inspiration and geometric patterns. Tanya has wonderful taste in vintage products and spaces, and I so value following her boards (especially her “DIY to TRY” board!).
  7. The Everygirl: Like The Glitter Guide, The Everygirl Pinterest account is my go-to for all things fashion, food and decor. Their career features are some of my favorites to file away for future reference too.
  8. Emily Henderson: Hands down my favorite designer/stylist, Emily Henderson has THE best taste in all things beautiful. She all but dominates my “Styling 101” board, with examples of her own work and the work of those she admires.
  9. Jillianne: John and I have actually known and loved Jill since high school. Her perky and whimsical personality is one of those that shines through so perfectly from her Pinterest account. I particularly love her taste in jewelry.
  10. Better Homes and Gardens: Since this post is getting a bit overstated, I’ll keep my description for this pinner brief and matter of fact. One word: DUH!!

Who are YOUR favorite pinners?

Pinspiration Monday: Yellow bench

Although I’ve completed my fair share of them, I’m actually not too big on major furniture makeovers. They require a TON of work and although it’s almost always worth it in the end, it’s definitely the type of project that tends to get put off until the last minute – Or it waits for a gutsy or adventurous whim. Yet, when I saw this bright canary yellow chair on Pinterest, it lit a fire under my bum and I couldn’t help but dive head first into a brand new furniture redo.


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

While my “Pinspiration” project used a chair as the foundation, I didn’t happen to have one available. But I DID happen to have a pretty vanity stool in desperate need for a makeover. It had the same curvy silhouette as the chair, so I figured it would have the same effect when completed. As you can tell, my little thrifted bench (pre blog) was in desperate need of some TLC.




Between the paint stained fabric seat and scratched wood finish, it was time for new fabric AND new paint. As for the fabric, I picked up a yard of this adorable gray, white, yellow and black fabric from JoAnn’s for less than $7. Truth be told, I didn’t really have any plans for the fabric when I bought it – I just loved it too much to leave it behind on the shelf. But after deciding that the old vanity bench needed a fresh coat of yellow paint, it just made sense to break out the bird print for the upholstery.



The first step, obviously, was paint. I went with a bright yellow Valspar spray paint this time, which was layered on in two coats after I gave the entire frame a good sanding with our Black and Decker Mouse Sander. The wood was a little more beat up than I had anticipated though and I quickly ran out of sanding sheets, so it’s not as smooth as I would have liked…But it makes the piece look rustic, which isn’t the end of the world for me. It gives it character!



And the final step? Ripping the old fabric off the now detached seat cushion, and replacing it with the new bird print. I decided to remove the old fabric rather than simply covering it because the seat was looking a little strained and puckered around the edges because of the many layers underneath. This stool had seen one too many makeovers it seemed, so I simply took it back in time.



To “measure” my new fabric, I laid the bench seat upside down on top of the also upside down bird fabric. Then I just cut it down, leaving a good 2-3 inches on each side for wrapping. (Did you catch Ginny’s kitty paw photo bomb?)





A few quick pulls and staples around the edges and corners, and we were all done! I plopped the seat back on the frame, screwed it in and promptly styled it for its closeup downstairs in the entry way. It’s the perfect little spot for us to sit to put on shoes, or to drop purses, dog leashes and springtime scarves.




I’m in love with the happy new yellow color and that print makes me smile every time I walk by – No, really. Every time…

Hope you have a great Monday!

Pinspiration Monday: Gold dipped vase

Settling into a routine now that a new job has been incorporated into the mix has proved to be a bit of a struggle, especially after having worked as an at-home freelancer for 2 and a half months. So, when it comes to DIY projects here at the house, I’ve been keeping an eye out for simple tutorials that have great impact without sucking up too much precious time. Today’s “Pinspiration” project fit all of my needs, and left me with a little something special to gaze at.


Source: Two Twenty One

The concept is as simple as it looks – Take a glass vase, tape off the bottom and spray paint the heck out of it with metallic paint. Fill with water, add a bunch of flowers and you have a very pretty, swanky new vase to take center stage.



  • Glass vase
  • Gold spray paint (I used Valspar Metallic in gold)
  • Masking tape
  • Plastic bag

To mask my vase, I carefully wrapped a line of masking tape around the middle of the glass vessel, putting my “stop” line about 4 inches from the bottom. I just eye balled the line as I went, making sure that it didn’t get too wonky or uneven. Once the demarcation line was masked, I slipped the plastic bag over the top and taped that to the vase, taking care not to go beyond my initial clean line of tape.



After that, it was moment of truth time – I took the masked vase outside and gave it a few quick and even coats of the gold spray paint. Then I carefully removed the masking tape and plastic bag to reveal the clean edge. There were a FEW bleed marks from where the tape puckered up a bit during masking so, if you try this at home, do your best to smooth out all of the wrinkles in your tape. Luckily, it was nothing a razor blade couldn’t clean up after the paint dried (which I still need to do).



Once the paint was fully dried and cured (I waited until the next day), I turned it right side up, filled it with water and added two bunches of alstroemeria. I love the way the gold looks, turning my boring glass vase into something really special. My only regret is that I didn’t take the gold up higher. If I redid this project, I would probably come up at least 6 inches from the bottom instead of just 4. Live and learn!




I still love the look and can’t wait to plop these pretties on my desk at work this morning.

Have a great Monday!