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The Options: Silver or Gold

Silver or Gold

Option 1: decor pad | Option 2: Caitlin Wilson Textiles

I am all about metallics in our home. While I’m typically drawn to the look of 1960’s/70’s brass, there’s certainly something to be said about the silver-and-gold mainstays. A little hit of sparkle can go a long way in transforming a bland room into a dimensional and warm space. But if you had to choose one or the other, which way would you lean?

Option 1: In my own opinion, silver tends to read a little more contemporary than gold. Whether you go with brushed nickel or polished chrome, this glossy milky gray finish will instantly add elegance to your home. From light fixtures, to metallic wallpaper, silver is a trend that’s here to stay.

Option 2: But if I had to choose, I would definitely lean towards gold. Settling in easily with my favorite brass finishes, there is something undeniably sophisticated about gold accents. The gold side table and metallic pillows in the inspiration image above bring a little bit of antiqued worldliness to this space. Imagine if all of the gold was gone from the room, leaving you with just the pink sofa, black frames and potted flower. It’s just not the same…

At any rate, those are my thoughts, but what are you leaning towards? – Cast your vote!


The Options: Butcher Block or Stone

Butcher Block or Stone

Option 1: {frolic!}| Option 2: houzz

Even if I had all the money in the world, I’m still not sure which direction I would go in today’s “Options” feature. Do we go with inexpensive, low-maintenance butcher block countertops, or splurge for the beauty of natural stone?

Option 1: What I love so much about a butcher block counter – aside from the ease of use and upkeep – is the beauty of the wood grain. There’s something endearing about that rustic characteristic that just can’t be believably manufactured. Plus, if you’re going for a modern-meets-traditional look, this is an easy way to achieve it when paired with mod white cabinets and sleek hardware.

Option 2: And yet…There’s absolutely no denying that the shiny, pristine surface of marble is something to consider. It’s gorgeous and looks so high end. Do you think it’s worth the fuss though? Sometimes I think that granite is a bit overrated, but the moment I lay eyes on it, I can’t help but feel like life is a little more luxurious.

I’d love to know your opinion – Cast your vote!

The Options: Gallery Wall or Gallery Ledge

Gallery Wall or Gallery Ledge

Option 1: The Everygirl | Option 2: Pinterest (source uncredited)

I adore art. Have WAY too much of it, in fact. At one point, it had piled so high in my studio closet that I literally gave up and hung everything gallery wall style in our upstairs hallway just to get it up off the floor! So it should come as no surprise that I would be particularly enamored with different exhibition methods. The age old question (at least it’s “age old” to me…) – Gallery wall or gallery ledge?

Option 1: Gallery walls can typically withstand a larger VOLUME of framed prints, so that’s score #1 for this particular methodology. The options are nearly limitless too when it comes to shape – Hang your prints randomly like the first inspiration image above, or hang them to mimic a round shape. You could even take the time to painstakingly line up your frame edges (think a rectangular puzzle with perfect 90 degree corners). No matter your arrangement, you can’t deny the impact of this first option.

Option 2: And yet, for the more calculated art connoisseur, there’s the gallery ledge. A sturdy thin shelf mounted securely to the wall allows your favorite framed prints to “float” in a more contained manner on the wall. The layered effect of larger frames behind smaller ones in the front is my favorite part of this set up. Plus, you have much more freedom to move the frames around or switch out the art when it suits your fancy.

Those are my thoughts, but I’m dying to know your opinion – Cast your vote!

The Options: Beach or Mountains

Beach or Mountains

Option 1: Style Me Pretty | Option 2: Taylor McCutchan Photography

In honor of our family vacation this week, I’m shying away from home stuff JUST for a little bit. And since I know we all have our own opinion when it comes to a vacation destination, I want to know…Are you a beach bum when you have the opportunity to get away? Or are you more interested in a mountain retreat?

Option 1: I’m pretty picky myself when it comes to beach vacations. I can’t stand over-commercialized places like Myrtle beach (a biggie around these east coast parts), preferring a more secluded and relaxed vibe. But there’s also the idea of a super glamorous exotic vacation to somewhere like Punta Cana or Mexico. Even if I had all the money in the world though, I still think I’d choose our current location in South Carolina.

Option 2: If John were to vote in today’s post, I’m pretty sure he’d choose the mountains. While his excuse for not joining us this year was a lack of vacation time available at work, I have a secret theory that a beach vacation just doesn’t interest him much. He’d rather take off for a long weekend away in the mountains – a cabin, a fishing pole and a campfire are all he needs to have a good time. And I can definitely wrap my head around that notion…

I’m torn!

The Options: Pallet or Container

Pallet or Container

Option 1: Etsy | Option 2: Martha Stewart

So, confession time. I have such a black thumb (and disregard for gardening in general) that I didn’t even fix the toppled topiary planter on our front stoop before BHG came to visit.

Yeah. I need help.

I wish that I had the time and energy for gardening, but it’s just one of those things that keeps getting pushed to the back burner. But for those of you who do know a thing or two about keeping greenery green, today’s feature is for you.

Option 1: I adore this repurposed pallet planter. The pop of green from the herbs plays so nicely with the rustic aged wood of the pallets. If I had the itch to get gardening, this project would be at the top of my list.

Option 2: But then there’s the simple idea of terra-cotta pots and a Sharpie marker. It certainly doesn’t get much easier than that, and it really looks so quaint and cottage-y. Now I want to add this project to my fantasy gardening to-do list!

Is it just me or would the two be really cute together…? Cast your vote!

P.S. I’m over on GalTime today with a fun DIY placecard holder tutorial, perfect for summertime party planning. Enjoy! 




The Options: Deck or Entry

Deck or Entry

Option 1: The Porch Company | Option 2: Better Homes and Gardens

It’s times like these, when the weather is starting to warm up and the grass is ESPECIALLY green, that I long for a yard. Our little townhouse has only a small patch of grass out front, so small that even a birdbath would look badly proportionate, and a tiny back deck with no greenery to speak of.I recommend contacting pressure washing service once in a while to have the outsides of your house clean. Also, if you’re planning to renovate your house, installing stumps is a good idea. Just look for globalreblocking.com to see affordable house raising and restumping services carried by qualified restumping specialists. So this will be yet another spring season where I live vicariously through inspiration images like the ones above…

Option 1: Ever since starting work as a professional blogger and website designer (WOOHOO!) for a local exterior renovation/construction company, I’ve been losing myself in outdoor-focused blogs. This one in particular based out of Tennessee is such a great resource for beautiful porch renovations. The idea of creating a covered oasis that’s still immersed in the elements is such a fantastic way to add value to your home – and your life! Also, considering the use of surveillance cameras on your property is essential so that you’ll have peace of mind. Go to Security Info.com to see a variety of security system installation or you can contact (786) 800-2609.

Option 2: That said, the entryway of a home has MAJOR influence on the sell-ability (and personality) of a home. This one, with its bold color, modern lines and approachable greenery seems like a great use of budget. I can’t help but lean a little more towards a well executed entry, mostly because I want my guests and neighbors to feel as welcome as I do in our hypothetical future home. Curb appeal is everything, right?? Or is it…

Cast your vote!

The Options: Painted or Stained

Painted or Stained

Option 1: Painted | Options 2: Stained

Growing up in the household of a very talented woodworker makes today’s post a touchy one. The rest of my family would agree that painting wood is the ULTIMATE “no no,” but I just can’t help but allow my devotion to color run a little wild.

Option 1: How. Adorable. Is. That. Mint. Dresser? Like really, folks. I can’t stand painting (if you can believe it based on the incredible amount I use each week), but I am totally planning a big dresser refinish based solely on that photo above. While my parents and sister would balk at the thought, I am of the opinion that old furniture in need of a little sprucing can benefit ten-fold from a nice clean coat of color.

Option 2: That said, there is obviously something really special about an exposed wood grain. That cabinet above screams character, with its irregular stained finish and one-of-a-kind door front pattern. I wouldn’t touch a thing about it.